Around Seven million cases of new coronavirus diagnosed worldwide

Around Seven million cases of new coronavirus diagnosed worldwide

According to official data compiled by Agence France-Presse, at least 399,907 people worldwide died from coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in 2019, with more than 69 710 cases.

According to the source, today around the world has been diagnosed with about 7 million cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. And almost 400,000 people have not been cured. Since the outbreak in China in December last year. It has spread to 196 countries and regions but is believed to have recovered at least 30.15,900 people.

France Presse reported that data collected by national authorities and the World Health Organization (WHO) provide statistics. But the figures above can only reflect part of the total number of infections since in many countries only serious cases are detected. In the United States, the worst epidemic in the world, 108 802 deaths were recorded in the country. And the total number of diagnoses was 19 261 million cases, and at least 500 000 849 people recovered.

By the number of deaths in the UK, it is second only to the United States in the world, with a total of 40,465 deaths and 284,868 diagnosed cases.

Other seriously affected areas include Brazil (35,930 deaths, 672,846 confirmed cases), Italy (33,846 deaths, 234,801 confirmed cases). And France (29,142 deaths, 191,631 confirmed cases).

In China, 4,634 deaths were recorded (excluding Hong Kong and Macau). And 83,036 cases were diagnosed.

According to the report, from a regional perspective, a total of 2,886,262 cases were diagnosed. 183,338 deaths in Europe, 201,11818 cases, and 117,634 deaths in the United States and Canada. And 1,941,453 in Latin America and the Caribbean case. 60,400 deaths. In Asia, 670,962 cases and 19,244 deaths were diagnosed. 460,954 cases were diagnosed in the Middle East, 11,412 cases were diagnosed in Africa. 180,406 cases were diagnosed in Africa, 8,640 cases were diagnosed in Oceania, and 131 deaths in Oceania.

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Taiwan has no local cases for eight consecutive weeks

Chen Shizhong, commander of the Taiwan Epidemic Command Center, announced yesterday (7th) that no new cases have yet been recorded in Taiwan, and it has reached 56 consecutive days (eight weeks) of no local cases. Therefore, he stated that “the border is relatively open and the border remains strict.” control”. However, the command center also reminded the people of Taiwan that the second wave of outbreaks is inevitable, and people must implement a “new life to prevent epidemics” in order to be able to control it.

Although the official cautiously called it “relative unlocking,” Taiwanese media called it “big unlocking,” since many restrictions were lifted, more and more people didn’t wear masks on the streets, and various parties and events were gradually recovering. There were even a lot of people in picturesque places in Taiwan yesterday because everyone was “closed” for too long.

Observing the prevention of the epidemic in Taiwan from the end of January to the present, it can be said that the measures for the prevention of the epidemic are very strict and thorough, and with the help of people, only 443 new diagnoses of coronavirus pneumonia, 430 people were released from isolation, and now 6 people are still isolated. A total of 7 people died from new pneumonia.

Brazil threatens to withdraw from WHO

Brazilian President Bosonaro said on Saturday, June 6 that the World Health Organization harbors “ideological prejudice” and threatened to withdraw from the organization.

According to the death toll of the new coronavirus, Brazil is currently ranked third in the world. Bosonaro accused WHO of temporarily suspending the clinical trial of hydroxychloroquine. He said: “The United States has left WHO, Brazil is now studying, and will leave WHO in the future. Either WHO can work hard to abandon ideological prejudice or Brazil will also leave.”

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In addition to restarting the clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine this week, WHO also changed its mouth this week to recommend that people generally wear masks. As of now, the new coronavirus has killed nearly 400,000 people worldwide.

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