Samsung launches new digital payment service Pay Card in Europe

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Samsung announced its new digital payment service. South Korean technology company has partnered with European digital banking company Curve and MasterCard to launch Pay Card service.

Pay Card is a new service that allows users to manage and control their financial condition. It serves as the main center through which users can use a smartphone to view all their expenses. Using Curve Pay Card, you can contact your bank card and provide a secure payment method.

Conor Pierce, vice president of Samsung in the UK and Ireland, said: “At Samsungs, our customers are at the center of our work, so we strive to create the best technology, services, and solutions. Curve-based Samsung Pay Card allows us to expand our Samsung Pay product range and provide our loyal customers with more benefits than ever before.

samsung pay card

The New Financial Services Partnership is Europe’s first Samsung Pay. The service will be launched in the UK later this year and is planning further expansion. This also marks another step the company has taken in the field of digital finance, as in collaboration with SoFi the company has previously developed new debit cards and cash management accounts.

Samsung Payment Card powered by Curve

The Curve partnership is Europe’s first of its kind for Samsung Pay, and a unique card and digital offer will provide all these benefits and more when the Samsung Pay Card officially launches in the UK later this year.

“We are pleased to announce this new partnership with Curve, teaming up to provide a new payment solution for Samsung customers that will be available through Samsung Pay later this year,” said Conor Pierce, Samsung’s corporate vice president for the UK and Ireland.

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“At Samsung, our customers are at the center of everything we do, so we strive to create the best technology, services, and solutions. Curve-based Samsung Pay Card allows us to expand our Samsung Pay offering by providing our loyal customers with more benefits and benefits than ever before. ”

Shachar Bialick, founder and CEO of Curve, said: “Both Samsung and Curve do great things in their respective industries. This new partnership allows two of the world’s most innovative companies to jointly develop an exciting product that will surely raise the bar for Fintech around the world.

About Curve

The curve is an excellent banking platform that combines multiple cards and accounts into one smart card and an even smarter application. It allows customers to overload their obsolete banks until the 21st century without leaving their bank or replenishment. Curve offers to host for its customers: all your cards are free when you pay abroad, you get instant notifications and cost classification, you can instantly get 1% cashback in services such as Amazon, Uber, Netflix and Sainsbury, and Time Travel allows customers exchange expenses to another card in the application for up to two weeks after making a purchase.

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