Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: 9 versions, price and release date of the watch

The first photos of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 from all sides

So, only a 45 mm watch with a stainless steel or titanium alloy case will be black

South Korean giant manufacturer Samsung is currently working on a Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch, details of which continue to be poured into the Web by a trusted insider Evan Blass, who previously published many high-quality images of the new item.

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Users will be offered nine different versions of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 smartwatch in two sizes (41 and 45 mm), and their price will be from 400 to 600 dollars.

So, only a 45 mm watch with a stainless steel or titanium alloy case will be black (the only version is only in this size and this color). In the first case, only Bluetooth or LTE versions will be available. Silver watches can be purchased in versions 41 and 45 mm, as well as with Bluetooth or LTE. The bronze version will only be 41mm with Bluetooth or LTE.


Galaxy Watch 3: New apps and expanded Microsoft collaboration

Microsoft and Samsung have been working together for a long time. This means that various smartphones from the Redmond group are preinstalled on Galaxy smartphones. Now there is another aspect, namely the upcoming Galaxy Watch 3.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, in all likelihood, will be released on July 22, the presentation may take place on July 8. At least that’s what the leaked pictures offer. When the new smartwatches of the Korean corporation appear, they will also bring several new applications, one of which concerns Microsoft.

This is probably a foregone conclusion because the information comes from the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 firmware. Which previously reached the Internet. Max Weinbach from XDA-Developers took the firmware, disassembled it. And found some interesting innovations in it.

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Outlook instead of the Samsung mail app

This includes the fact that the previous email application is being replaced by Microsoft Outlook. This should also have implications for Galaxy smartphones. Since smartwatches do not have a full-fledged email application, this, of course, is due to the fact that on a small screen of such a wearable device it is impossible to reasonably type mail (or other).

Weinbach tweeted that of course there are other innovations, including a new weather app with background images based on current weather. There is also a new music widget and Spotify, pre-installed (and hopefully also improved) in the USA. There is also a weekly calendar view.

Of course, Samsung smartwatch owners get new dial designs. They have new “information boundaries” and will be more adaptable. Finally, mention should also be made of Rich Notification Icons.

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