Nintendo Switch: Planned to upgrade next-gen console

Nintendo Switch: Planned to upgrade next-gen console

The game industry is preparing to launch the next generation of game consoles by the end of the year. In addition to the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X series, Nintendo also hopes to continue to have a place in the market through the Switch, which has a history of 3 years.

At a recent shareholder meeting, Nintendo President Furukawa Kotaro at least indirectly expressed speculation about new Nintendo hardware with higher computing power. According to him, in the foreseeable future, the company will fully focus on the Switch and Switch Lite businesses. This will allow Nintendo to pool all development resources to develop the best software for the platform.

Customer interest for the switch remains high

Nintendo’s current hardware generation lifecycle plan is strongly influenced by its continued popularity. Furukawa emphasized that Switch and Switch Lite are still very strong sales figures. From a Japanese perspective, this is especially due to the fact that both game consoles can provide customers with mobility when playing games, not because of high technical specifications. In this case, Ko Shiota, Nintendo’s senior executive, also mentioned the company’s special ability to perfectly adjust its gaming experience based on existing hardware.

The latest statement from Nintendo’s principal is not much room for explanation: Japanese users should not expect the true next-generation console to be technically equivalent to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. Nevertheless, the company is already looking ahead. According to Shiota, the Switch’s experience will play a key role in the development of the next generation of Nintendo game consoles. Factors such as family entertainment and playing together should also point the way.

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Nintendo Switch production improved in summer

Nintendo posted the question and answer session of the “80th Ordinary General Meeting of Shareholders” held on June 26, 2020, on its official website. It answers the questions from shareholders and is posted regularly. But this time the content of answers to inquiries about the production status of the Nintendo Switch itself. Which is still short, and the prospect of next-generation game consoles is posted. Since it has been noticed by game fans as well, we will deliver it in excerpts.

This question and answer session asked many questions about the effects of the new coronavirus infection. Among them, Shuntaro Furukawa, President, and CEO of Nintendo said, “Currently, the production situation is recovering. And the number of shipments is expected to increase in the fu

Switch Pro may come out in 2020

However, Nintendo’s current statement does not specifically reject the more powerful Switch version. In some cases, the potential Switch Pro may only require a small amount of additional effort from the developer. And will not undermine the focus on a platform. This is true for gamers who believe in Nintendo’s game range and Switch’s mobility but still want to acquire more technical skills. The life cycle of the exchange platform may be further extended.

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