Samsung Galaxy M41 (C3) certification has been issued for a 6800 mAh battery

Samsung Galaxy M41 (C3) certification has been issued for a 6800 mAh battery

Electronics maker Samsung is currently working on a new Galaxy M series model. Recently released certification shows that the device is equipped with a 6800 mAh battery. Capacity reaches the tablet level.

China Compulsory Certification (C3) has been issued for a 6800 mAh battery. According to the screenshot posted by RootMyGalaxy, the certification was approved on June 28th. The battery has the model number EB-BM415ABY and is probably manufactured by the Chinese company Ningde Amperex Technology. Based on the name, the battery can be assigned to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy M41. If the M41 does not appear as planned, the battery can be found in the Galaxy M51.

A few days ago, we learned that Samsung may have canceled the Galaxy M41. But today a battery was discovered on the 3C certification site that supposedly belongs to the Galaxy M41.

Certification has shown that the battery comes with the model number EB-BM415ABY. According to the list, the nominal battery capacity is 6800 mAh. Ningde Amperex Technology Limited has released a battery.


A real image of the lithium-ion battery has also been discovered on the Safety Korea website. These latest leaks confirm that the release date of the Samsung Galaxy M41 is just around the corner.

Galaxy M41 possibly discontinued

In recent weeks, rumors that the Galaxy M41 has been stamped out have surfaced on the web. A smartphone should no longer be produced and therefore should not enter the market. It is still unknown whether this is actually so. Battery certification indicates that Samsung is still working on the device.

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If the smartphone was actually installed, the 6800 mAh battery can be found in another model. The Samsung Galaxy M51 is especially suitable for this.

Two Galaxy M41 and M51 smartphones were supposed to appear in the first half of the year. Due to a crown pandemic, the release was delayed. It is considered likely that these two devices will be announced and will be released soon. However, until now there has been no appointment.

IFA 2020 technology Events canceled 

Since the CES in January, the IFA has become the first of the largest technology exhibitions in the western world to be held, at least in abbreviated form. The international radio show was initially canceled due to the spread of the new coronavirus but was later announced as a live broadcast with a modified concept and a very limited number of visitors.

Samsung’s reasons for leaving should be clear: as with the cancellation of Mobile World Congress 2020 in February and now also canceled Computex 2020 in Taiwan in June. The global crown pandemic is the trigger. For Samsung, it hardly makes any economic sense to open its usual giant package. While the number of IFA visitors is reduced to 1,000 people per day.

South Korean media have said in a statement that Samsung decided not to attend this year’s event because of “security concerns for its employees.” In addition to the Unpacked 2020 event in August, Samsung may also hold another online event in September. Samsung will launch three flagship phones starting in August, namely the Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy Fold 2, and Galaxy S20 Lite series.

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