Xiaomi 120W fast charging mobile phone passed 3C certification

Xiaomi's 120W fast charging mobile phone passed 3C certification

On July 13, the Chinese Quality Certification Authority added a new Mi 5G mobile phone with certificate number 2020011606308970. The device supports ultra-fast charging up to 120 W, presumably the next-generation flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 10Pro + or MIX4.

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Charging information can be found in the published information. Manufacturer Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and Fuzhikang Precision Electronics Co., Ltd. You can see that the charging parameters next to it support fast charging of ultra-high power up to 120 W, the corresponding model of the charger is MDY-12-ED.

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Continue to query the charger information, the charger certificate number 2020010907306069, the manufacturer is Shenzhen Hangjia Chiyuan Electric Co., Ltd., model MDY-12-ED, input 100-240V 50/60Hz 1.7A supports global voltage, and output parameters support 5V3A / 9V3A / 11V6A / 20V6A, the maximum power is up to 120W.

Xiaomi 120 charging

In March 2019, Xiao Bin, vice president of Xiaomi, exposed Xiaomi’s 100W fast charging engineering machine. The nominal performance of 20V5A can be fully charged with 4000mAh in 17 minutes. Now, mass production is to increase the ultra-high power fast charging from 100W to 120W. Shocking.

At present, Xiaomi’s mid-to-high-end mobile phone charging is fully switched to the charge pump fast-charge technology. There are 27W, 30W, 33W, 40W, 50W, 65W. And other fast-charge power configurations, corresponding to the accurate division of its mid-to-high-end products. The launch of ultra-high power fast-charging up to 120W this time has once again brought charging performance to a new level. I don’t know more information about this model yet. I will continue to follow up on the report if there is a follow-up situation.

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