AMD officially releases ThreadRipper PRO: one 64 core spikes two 28 cores

AMD officially releases Thread Ripper PRO: one 64 core spikes two 28 cores

AMD has just officially released the new Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO processor series (Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO), specifically for professional workstations. Engineers, data researchers, and other professionals, starting with Lenovo.

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO

The Thread Ripper PRO series inherits the basic attributes of the desktop version of Thread Ripper, such as 7-nm process manufacturing, Zen 2 microarchitecture, up to 64 cores 128 threads, 288 MB cache, PCIe 4.0 bus channels from 64 open to full 128. Memory support from four-channel DDR4-3200 256 GB UDIMM to full eight-channel DDR4-3200 2 TB UDIMM / RDIMM / LPRDIMM / 3DS DIMM, as well as support for AMD PRO technology, thermal power consumption is maintained at 280 watts.

This is the world’s first 64-core workstation processor, the first 12-core 4 GHz workstation processor and the first workstation processor that supports PCIe 4.0. It has outstanding performance in both single-threaded and multi-threaded versions. who performed.

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img

|The Thread Ripper PRO series includes four different models:


64 cores and 128 threads, clocked at 2.7-4.2GHz, 32MB of L2 cache, and 256MB of L3 cache. It is 200/100MHz lower than 3990X.


32 cores and 64 threads, clocked at 3.5-4.2GHz, 16MB level 2 cache, and 128MB level 3 cache. 200/300MHz is lower than 3970X.


16 cores and 32 threads, clocked at 3.9-4.3GHz, 8MB of L2 cache, and 64MB of L3 cache.


12 cores and 24 threads, clocked at 4.0-4.3GHz, 6MB secondary cache, 64MB secondary cache.

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In terms of professional technology, Intel has the famous vPRO vPro and AMD PRO is not to be outdone . It includes four aspects:

AMD PRO Security: Built-in multi-level security features to help protect sensitive data.

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AMD PRO Manageability: simplify compatible with the current infrastructure deployment, imaging, and management.

AMD PRO service reliability: 18 months stability software support, 24 months of continuous product supply support.

AMD Memory Guard: Memory comprehensive encryption to help prevent physical attacks on sensitive data.

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|Compared to competing products

AMD emphasizes that compared to competing products, the Thread Ripper PRO series has only one platform and four models. The characteristics of the entire platform remain unchanged. The Qiang W-3200 series has several sophisticated product lines, over 85 models, and the characteristics of different models vary greatly.

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img 3

AMD also carefully selected its opponents for the Thread Ripper PRO series, for example, the 3995WX test is the best Intel Xeon Platinum 8280 processor, 2.7-4.0 GHz / 205 W, and it is solved one to two because the latter has only 28 Main 56 streams, two-channel, but 56 main 112 streams.

3975WX benchmark Xeon W-3275, 28 cores 56 threads, 2.5-4.4GHz, 205W.

3955WX benchmark Xeon W-2295, 18 core 36 threads, 3.0-4.6GHz, 165W.

3945WX benchmark Xeon W-3235, also 12 cores and 24 threads, 3.3-4.4GHz, 180W.

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img 4

In addition to overwhelming the number of cores, the Thread Ripper PRO series also has excellent scalability: for example, the Xeon W series only supports up to 64 PCIe 3.0, and the memory only supports up to six DDR4-2933 1 TB channels, as well as 3DS RDIMM support.

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img 5

As regards performance, the data provided by AMD is naturally very different: for example, 3995WX can win at least 25 projects against two 8280. The overall leading range is 27%, and graphics performance up to 37%. Xeon W-3275 is a comprehensive leader at 136%.

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In addition, the 3945WX with 12 cores and 24 threads can provide the single-threaded performance of the W-3235 by 12%, and multithreading – by 28%.

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img 6

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img 7

Ryzen ThreadRipper PRO img 8


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