Leak: IPhone 12 wireless charging module with magnets

Leak: IPhone 12 wireless charging module with magnets

Modern smartphones in the iPhone family support wireless charging. Which is expected this fall. Apple iPhone 12 will offer the user something new.

Sources have published information that the iPhone 12 smartphones will implement a wireless charging system with magnetic positioning. Very strong magnets will automatically move the smartphone to the optimal position on the charging pad.

The Chinese social network Weibo has already published photos showing the ring magnet modules that will be located under the back of the iPhone 12.

iphone 12 charging exposed


It is logical to assume that a compatible charger is required for the new feature to work correctly. This suggests that Apple may release an official wireless charger after the AirPower fiasco.

The presentation of the iPhone 12 should take place, tentatively, in October this year.

Strong magnets were added to the iPhone 12 case

Rumor has it that following the public cancellation of the AirPower project this year. Apple will relaunch its wireless charger plan. When the outside world was wondering about Apple’s wireless charging accessories, the latest appearance of the iPhone 12 charging dock raised some surprise.

Based on the information provided, it looks like Apple intends to add magnets to the iPhone 12 wireless charging module using a wireless charging base that also has a magnetic attraction feature (such as a rumored AirPower restart) that can be omitted when charging an iPhone. Steps to align the mobile phone and the wireless charger module.

iphone charging

In addition, a protective wireless charging case has been discovered that matches the iPhone 12. And its wireless charging module appears to have the same design.

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apple iphone 12 charging case

When Apple announced the AirPower wireless charging pad a few years ago, one of its main features was to support charging anywhere on the charging board without having to align the device with a coil-like other wireless charger.

In fact, the Apple Watch uses a magnetic charging design. When the back of your Apple Watch is placed on the magnetic charging base, the charger magnet aligns the Apple Watch and begins charging.

Apple iPhone 12/SE 2 no longer comes with a charger and headphones. The packaging is thinner and more refined

MacRumors’ foreign media reported that the leader of L0vetodream has released a new tweet. He suggesting that the Apple iPhone 12 product line will not give EarPods headphones and chargers. Adding that the existing iPhone SE 2 will be finalized.

iphone case.jpg

L0vetodream also claims that future iPhone boxes will be “thinner” and “delicate”. Apple is already known for its light and economical boxes. Shrinking its “iPhone” box can reduce waste and transportation costs.


Earlier IT House reported that analysts Ming-Chi Kuo and Barclays Bank analysts have also released forecasts that the iPhone 12 will no longer come with chargers and EarPods headphones. Apple is expected to release a separate new 20W fast charging charger as an optional accessory for the iPhone. And will end the production of its existing 5W and 18W power adapters later this year.

According to the news, Apple’s new 20W power adapter looks similar to the 18W version, with USB-C Power Delivery for fast charging. Guo Mingji also expects that Apple will stop the 5W power adapter that comes with the iPhone SE 2 later this year.

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Barclays still hopes that Apple will include a Lightning to USB-C cable in the box as the only accessory that comes with “‌iPhone 12‌”. It is expected that there will be four models. A new 5.4-inch device and two 6.1-inch devices Model, a 6.7-inch model.

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