Steve Ballmer: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates calls TikTok purchase

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates calls TikTok purchase

The Redmond-based company is in talks these days to take over parts of the Chinese social networking site TikTok. And the alleged deal is also sparking debate among former Microsoft executives. Co-founder Bill Gates is skeptical about this good idea.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has rarely intervened in the day-to-day affairs of “his” group since stepping down as CEO and chairman of the supervisory board. But he cannot avoid the TikTok topic and has been mentioned repeatedly in ongoing interviews. This is also due to the fact that he is still a consultant for the Redmond group.

Speaking to Wired, Gates said, “Who knows what will happen with this deal. But yes, this is the goblet of poison. Being popular on social media is not an easy game. ” The 64-year-old is generally not against TikTok or social media, he is especially skeptical about the framework conditions of potential business. Which is probably also what the poison goblet means.

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft has everything it needs to deal with regulatory issues if it buys TikTok

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company’s commitment to TikTok is “exciting” and that the company is well equipped to address any regulatory issues involved.

On Sunday, Microsoft confirmed in a blog post that it was in talks with Chinese parent company ByteDance. Which makes the social media app, to buy its businesses in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

President Donald Trump said Friday that the government intends to ban the app and that he opposes the potential deal. But Microsoft said in a posting that CEO Satya Nadella spoke to Trump and intends to complete negotiations by September 15.

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Strange and doubly strange

Because the TikTok business is politically motivated, as US President Trump demands and controls the sale and wants to get a share of the takeover price. According to Gates, the whole process is “strange”, and the essence of the bet is “doubly strange.”

When asked if Gates has any doubts that Microsoft is involved in this (social media) game. “It might sound selfish, but I think it’s probably a good thing if more competition comes into play. But Trump Killing the only competitor is pretty weird. ”

However, his successor, Steve Ballmer, is of a different opinion. He said in an interview with CBNC a week ago that he thought a takeover of TikTok would be a good idea. Because in the consumer business, you always have to try new things. But it should be noted here that it was Ballmer who considered the takeover of Nokia a good idea at the time.

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