IPhone 7 series with iOS14, camera and LED light do not work

IPhone 7 series with iOS14, camera and LED light do not work

Some iPhone 7 series users that have updated to iOS 14 reported multiple bugs that prevented the camera and LED lights from being used.

Apple has enhanced camera and microphone security keys on iOS 14 / iPad OS 14. It is showing indicators when using the camera/microphone and allowing only selected photos when accessing the photo library from the app. This bug may be related to these privacy features. But there seems to be no way to fix the bug at the moment. Therefore, please be careful if you are an iPhone 7 user.


Many of the bugs reported in the Apple support community and developer forums have occurred on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The users also reported that some have occurred on the iPhone 8 series.

This is said to be true not only of the genuine iPhone camera app but also apps like Snapchat and Instagram that use the camera.

Several cases have also been reported by domestic Twitter users.

This bug has been reported on Apple Support Communities and Developer Forums, some of which have also occurred on the iPhone 8 series, but most of the more than 4,000 users reported on Support Communities are talking about the iPhone 7 series. So, the Developer Forums commented that third-party apps that use cameras, such as Snapchat and Instagram are also affected.

No solution at this time

At the moment, no solution to this problem has been found. So it seems that we can only look forward to future iOS updates.

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In iOS14, for the purpose of privacy protection, a green dot is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen to notify the user while using the camera. But the relationship between this new feature and the bug is unknown.

In iOS14, even if you change the default browser and mail application, it will return to the original when restarted. Secondly, if you place the “clock” widget on the home screen, the time will shift, and the App Bugs in the Store and shortcut apps have been reported.

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