DigiTimes: Many notebooks will soon be equipped with dual cameras

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Laptop webcams could finally get better next year – a long-overdue upgrade.

The industry insiders from DigiTimes have stated in a new report that from next year not only smartphones but also notebooks will be equipped with dual cameras, whereby two different approaches should be followed here. This should finally go hand in hand with the long-awaited quality upgrade.

Even in 2020, most notebooks are still equipped with 720p webcams with tiny sensors and at best mediocre quality. After more and more people are working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic and accordingly more meetings have been relocated to the network, notebook manufacturers should finally have woken up, at least if you believe a DigiTimes report.

Accordingly, laptops should increasingly rely on dual cameras in 2021. The report states that in addition to the usual webcam above the display. Many models will offer an additional ultra-wide-angle camera to give users far greater flexibility in video chats. In the future, the quality and number of cameras should be an important differentiator for notebooks. But, not all should use an additional ultra-wide-angle camera.

Inspired by the Apple iPad ( approx. 380 euros on Amazon ), some manufacturers are supposed to install an additional camera on the outside of the display instead, especially for convertibles. DigiTimes expects the demand for notebooks to remain high, especially since a COVID-19 vaccination is not expected to be available until mid-2021.

However, the availability of components could be a problem, especially chips for image processing, of which significantly more are required than before due to the use of dual cameras. So at the beginning of the hype, it would be conceivable that some notebooks would be difficult to get will.

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