New dummies show the “final” appearance of iPhone 12

iPhone 12: New dummies show "final" appearance of smartphones

New dummies show the “final” appearance of the iPhone 12. The Apple WWDC Developer Fair begins tonight, and there are usual speculations about what the group will show there and whether the equipment will be turned on. What you definitely won’t imagine is new iPhones, but now there is something new.

Apple usually introduces new smartphones in the fall (unless they are “special models,” such as the iPhone SE). And this will also be the case this year. The only question is whether you can make the usual September date of the event. Or due to the Corona will be a little later than usual.

The most detailed mannequins at the moment

Be that as it may: one thing, as always, namely leaks in advance. Because in the summer of Apple, you already know what the next iPhone will look like. And in the days of Corona, it was no different. The first mannequins of the iPhone 12 models appeared recently. But these were only metal forms. They are based on CAD drawings that sleeve manufacturers use to prepare for a new device.

iPhone-12-Dummys img 1

But now there are mannequins with which someone bothered to recreate the iPhone 12 so that it really looks like a real smartphone. That is, with metal edges, a glass back, and a fictitious camera (s). This was circulated by renowned leader Sonny Dixon, who is actually considered very reliable and currently writes nothing about the fact that these leaks should be used with caution in general.

However, the following also applies here: Mannequins are based on the specifications of the sleeves, as well as on the size of the slot for the game and the exact form of the hump of the camera. Thus, you should not take the design at face value (including in relation to the number of camera lenses). However, it is clear that design revolutions will not take place.

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The mannequins confirm that Apple will return to the “flatter” edges on the iPhone 12. Overall, the design is a bit boring because there are no real surprises. Apple adheres to the specifications of Jony Ive and does not use the care of the chief designer to breathe fresh air into the model.

This has been confirmed by Apple’s official advertisement.

Today, Apple will host an event for WWDC 2020 developers and is expected to release an important hardware announcement and a large number of software-iPadOS 14 and new versions of WatchOS and macOS. But the most important premiere is the appearance of the iPhone 14 operating system instead of iOS. If it is difficult to believe such rumors at the beginning. All questions will disappear after the iPhone OS advertisement appears on the Internet.

The video was posted on Twitter by well-known insider Max Weinbach. In fact, he was one of the first to announce the possibility of renaming iOS to iPhoneOS. And, interestingly, Max refused to believe it to the end. Now, obviously, he accepted the new destiny of the operating system.

Therefore, from the video point of view, iPhone OS 14 will replace iOS 14. At the same time…except for the new wallpaper, nothing will change. It really is-we will know soon.

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