Sony PlayStation 5: Leak indicates limitations in downward compatibility

Sony PlayStation 5: Leak indicates limitations in downward compatibility

Sony still hasn’t disclosed any details about the Sony PlayStation 5 backward compatibility and this could also be the reason. According to the source code of the Sony website, there are some limitations in terms of compatibility. In some cases, it is supposed to be improved with software updates …

Even a month and a half before the launch of the PlayStation 5 there are many unanswered questions, including those related to the backward compatibility of the console. Sony has only confirmed so far that “99 percent” of the most popular PS4 games should also work on the PS5.  But further details on the technology are not yet known. Reddit user Kgarvey found new information about this in the source code of Sony’s official website.

On the one hand, it is stated that some features of PS4 games will not be available on PS5; more information can be found on this website, which is not yet available. There is also a note that some PS4 games are not compatible with the current version of the PlayStation 5 operating system, and that you should try to restart the game after the update because Sony is constantly working on adding new games to Make PS5 compatible.

Depending on how many games are compatible, this could mean a serious limitation because obviously every game must be supported by the operating system to run it. There is also a reference to “Boost mode” in the source code. But without further information on what effects this will have in practice. So it’s still interesting to see how comfortable going from PS4 to PS5 will be. Since not even all saved versions can be transferred. More details can be expected by the end of the week.

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Don’t Expect Your PS4 Saves To Work On PlayStation 5

It’s still interesting to see how enjoyable the PS4 to PS5 upgrade. It is obvious players need to leave some memory levels behind. All indications, for now, are that the Xbox Series X and Series S will be slightly more usable.

Sony has not yet officially confirmed anything about the PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility, unlike Microsoft. The Japanese company has so far only assured that “99 percent” of all PlayStation 4 games will also work on the PS5. But sometimes they are displayed much smoother and at higher resolutions, as is the case with the Xbox Series X, or whether they are displayed at all. The ability to run patches at 120 frames per second is not clear yet.

For many customers, it will be even more interesting to see if saved versions of PS4 games can be transferred to the next generation console. This question is apparently not easy to answer because it seems to be game-dependent. As an RG studio that built a lower Tweet Score below, at least Yakuza. Like a Dragon doesn’t upgrade to the next generation version, although it works for Xbox Series X.

Things look different from Spider-Man: Miles Morales – James Stevenson of Insomniac Games stated in the tweet below that the save states of this game can be exchanged between PS4 and PS5 versions. However, the same is not the case for the slightly older Spider-Man game, in which existing saves cannot be carried over to the PS5 remaster, which is included in the final 80-mile Morales edition.

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