Death Stranding for PC release in summer 2020

Death Stranding for PC release in summer 2020

Which Production House Developed Death Stranding Game?

A Kojima Productions Twitter announcement confirmed that Death Stranding will launch a PC in the summer of 2020. Currently, the game will launched on PlayStation 4 on November 8th. The game was originally confirmed as exclusive to the Sony console.

The 505 Games Published PC version, while the PS4 version is still published by Sony. 505 Games announced that it will release more detailed information about the version for the PC “Future”, including its digital display. The publisher also participated in the release of Remedy Entertainment.

Who Developed the Death Stranding Game?

505 CEO Rafi Galante said in a statement: “We are very pleased. And proud to partner with the best talented team at Kojima Production to bring death stranding around the world.

So far, Death Stranding will not released on any other platform. Although Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain released on the Xbox One, Kojima games are often released exclusively on the PlayStation. For example, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was originally released only for the PS2. While the Metal Gear Solid 4: Gun of the patriot has been a special PS3 since its release ten years ago.

Most anticipated games:

Death Stranding Game is the most anticipated games of the year due to Hideo Kojima’s track record and many stars appearing in history. With Norman Reedus, the main character in the game, Mads Mikkelsen, Léa Seydoux, Conan O’Brien and even Guillermo del Toro. Some of these actors will portray Kamoos, while Mickelson and Sidu will play a major role in the story.

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Strange story, forces, delivering children, sending and breaking into the United States. This statement took us by surprise, but that is what we expected from Kojima during the year. ,

Death Stranding will released on November 8 for the PS4. Also to the standard version of the game, there is also a digital luxury edition. A special edition with a steel book and a collector’s edition with a children’s statue. Having stated that the PlayStation 5 planned to released in just a year. It is possible that Sony will present the best version of its next-generation system.

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