The Beast Inside – PC Game Review & Download

The Beast Inside - PC Game Review & Download

The Game Actual for the platform: PC:

Indie horror has long become a fairly predictable thing, which is scary except for scary graphics and a chronic lack of new ideas. However, the authors of The Beast Inside promised “a fresh look at the thriller and survival horror” and even “a new round of development of the genre.” What did they do?

Two mules, one blood:

The Beast Inside screenwriters tells two parallel stories. The first protagonist is a CIA employee, cryptanalyst Adam, who in 1979, together with his pregnant wife. comes to a family country house to quietly and decipher an important military code. Here in the attic he discovers the diary of his ancestor, Nicholas, and learns from him about the terrible events and secrets of his family’s past. Accordingly, the second main character is Nicholas, for whom we play. When Adam discovers another part of the old records – the action, in this case, transferred to the XIX century.

Both in the past and in the present, much has said about politics. In the first case, the American Civil War and President Lincoln, in the second – about the Cold War, the Soviets and President Jimmy Carter. After some time, Adam begins to see around the spies and hunt for them, and now his wife is hysterical, claims that someone is following them. And asks him to think about her safety, and not about the “mythical millions ”, the fate of which may affect by decryption of the code.

Not even a minute of rest:

Nicholas, on the other hand, discovers a lot of unpleasant truth about his father’s past. Which includes corrupt judges, embittered partners, and mines. Where, as usual, something terrible happened.

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As you guessed, the Tsereushnik does not succeed in doing work in silence and peace. More than a direct connection revealed between him and Nicholas – everything that happens in the past also affects Adam’s fate.

Not a minute of rest

And in the final, we ourselves, by our decisions, influence it. A key choice and a couple of endings is normal for horror. But in The Beast Inside everything made more interesting. One choice splits into several more, so there are more variations of the final.

Everything is scary:

Nicholas, but, does things more familiar to classic horror. In nervous tension, he examines gloomy houses. Where the walls covered with blood, and on a chair, you can find a sitting corpse with scissors in his chest. He sees terrible scenes of violence and murder and even some events of the past. Sometimes you need to shoot ghosts, take part in QTE scenes, trying to break out of the arms of a monster, and even fight with the boss.

The Beast Inside
Source = Kickstarter

In other cases, like in Outlast. We hide from enemies or scream and scream and run away from them, filling the doors behind us with cabinets. Naturally, we read notes, we look for keys. You can also use the master key – I definitely already saw this mini-game for breaking locks somewhere.

In this case, in the past and in the present, we must, like in Penumbra and Amnesia. Actively move the mouse to pull or push heavy objects (you can climb higher on them), open doors and drawers or, for example, cut a rope with a knife.

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The Beast Inside is tailored:

Yes, despite statements about freshness and a new word in the genre. Almost all The Beast Inside tailored from other people’s ideas. Also, the plot has cliches and cliches. And in the horror component, there are a lot of rather cheap and expected screamers.

Even so, it is very difficult to break away from what is happening. It is the constant switching between heroes and mechanics that maintains the desired degree of interest and does not allow you to get bored.

As for cheap screamers, the realization that a monster will surely appear behind your back. Or you will see the face of a terrible ghost woman right in front of you really allowed me to perceive many such events and almost with a smile. But exactly until I put on my headphones and turned off the lights in the room. Here instincts climbed out and screamers began to scare. And when, under terrible howls, I had to run away along the corridors, my heart dashed off at the same speed at the heels. That is, despite the predictability and typicality of such techniques. They still work in The Beast Inside – including due to good directing and

The Beast Inside can hardly claim the title of a new word in the genre, but the authors managed to make a fresh and sometimes really frightening horror. A combination of different (albeit sometimes alien) ideas, heroes, time strata and mechanics (here you can find classic puzzles, hide and seek, fast pursuits, and battles with bosses) creates a unique game, full of events and emotions.

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Pros: an interesting story, consisting of the stories of two characters. The possibility of their choice to influence the fate of the heroes. A competent combination of different game mechanics; interesting and sometimes complex puzzles. The game can scare, albeit with the help of well-known tricks; high-quality picture; well-chosen music.

Minuses: The plenty of screamers. Which often seem too predictable; some chapters are drawn out; there are problems with optimization.


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