About ten games announced at The Game Awards 2019

About ten games announced at The Game Awards 2019

During the question-and-answer session on Reddit, journalist and presenter Jeff Kelly said that in addition to sculpting the best games at the Game Awards 2019, around 10 games will also be announced.

“During the event, we are announcing several new projects. I think there will be about ten of them. There is a lot of misinformation about the internet about what it will be – it is nice to read, but I don’t recommend it. ”

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A game has been confirmed. This is a Wolf project, owned by Rafael Colantonio, the former founder of Arcane Studios. Bananas also denied rumours regarding the announcement of Resident Evil 3 during the Game Awards 2019. When asked if players should expect surprises, the journalist replied:

“A dangerous question! I’m not sure – everyone reacts differently to different things. We’re just trying to make the best show based on the content available.”

The Game Awards begin on December 13 at 3:00 pm (GMT).

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