$ 1.7 million for a Samsung TV. The Wall models go on sale

$ 1.7 million for a Samsung TV. The Wall models go on sale

First in India

At the beginning of 2018, Samsung showcased the world’s first big-modular TV-based TV, based on a micro-LED panel. Then they showed us the 146-inch model and talked about some of the details.

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Earlier this year, Samsung demonstrated several of the same models of different diagonals. Samsung is now launching this television. Therefore, on sale today, there are several models in two ranges: Wall Luxury and Professional. The first objective is for consumers, the second – for corporate users, but Samsung does not specifically explain what the differences are, other than positioning.

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There are three models in total: 146-inch 4K resolution, 219-inch 6K resolution, and 292-inch 8K resolution. Prices start at 90 490,000, and end at 1.68 million! And this is without tax.

Samsung has noted a frame rate of 120 Hz, 100,000 hours of LED life, and a dedicated quantum processor flex processor.

New Samsung TVs will decide for themselves how to shape

AI-based technology will be used Samsung’s new generation of smart TVs will focus on sound quality and artificial intelligence.

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According to a source, at CES 2020, the Korean giant will introduce a new generation of high-end television to the Symphony family. These televisions should offer a quality speaker system. In addition, they will also support AI-based technology, which will simultaneously use both the TV’s built-in speaker system and integrated external speakers.

In addition, the AI ​​itself will decide which speakers from the local TV system should work with outsiders to achieve the best sound quality. True, apparently, such technology will only work when you add your proprietary Samsung soundbar.

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