Here’s what a Oppo live screen camera looks like on a smartphone

Here's what a Oppo live screen camera looks like on a smartphone

The square area at the top of the screen where the camera is present can seen both when the display is on or off.

OPO held the Inauguration 2019 Conference, which announced and presented the latest developments. In particular, the reality technology promoting smart glasses.


In addition, attendees shown a working version of the smartphone, which equipped with a sub-screen front camera. It should noted that in the center of the screen. Ehere there is a square area where the camera is present, both can seen when the display is on or off.

The principle of this technology is that when you activate the front camera. The screen above the camera is transparent to allow more light to pass through.

oppo phone

Oppo has not yet announced when a commercial smartphone manufactured by this technology will go on sale, but it is evident that this will not happen before 2020.

Another smart phone maker introduced its smart glasses

Opo glasses use a fuzzy camera, sophisticated viewguide technology, and 3D models created can interact in pseudo virtual space.

At the Invitational event in Shenzhen, Oppo announced smart glasses with the added reality of technology and the ability to create 3D models in space.

oppo glasses

In addition, the device is equipped with a surround sound system that supports games as well as enhanced reality services. The Oppo Optible device is just like any other AR headset we’ve seen with companies like Magic Leap.

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Glasses use fuzzy cameras, sophisticated viewing technology, and 3D models created can communicate in pseudo virtual space.

The Chinese smartphone maker is already working on augmented reality elements of content for its glasses, games and other products.

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