Instead of Galaxy S11 Samsung Galaxy S20 will be released

Samsung Galaxy A71and Galaxy A51 Pricing Leaked in Indian Market

But what about the Galaxy S11, S12 … S19?

A network informant, nickname the Ice universe, who often shares reliable exclusive information about the latest in the mobile industry, made an unexpected statement today.

In my morning post on social network Twitter, the insider was extremely comprehensive. They published the name of the next flagship smartphone from Samsung, the South Korean company. And the Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone will be called.

The most logical assumption is that Samsung has decided to abandon the Samsung Galaxy S11 name in favour of the Galaxy S20. “Samsung Galaxy S20 in 2020,” at least, looks beautiful.

samsung galaxy 20
Smartphone makers are changing the approach to choose names for their new devices. Enough to recall the iPhone line, which simultaneously released the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X, and two years later the iPhone 11 line debuted in the market.

The same insider confirmed that photos of the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2, which have recently appeared on the web, really showcase the company’s new bending smartphone. He added that its screen would be covered with ultra-thin glass, not plastic. This is an option that many manufacturers will use next year.

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