PlayStation 5 Developers are about to make a huge mistake


Sony will again miss the largest gaming exhibition E3

According to Video Games Chronicle, referring to its own informants, Sony Interactive Entertainment will again miss the largest E3 gaming exhibition in Los Angeles this year.

Michael Pachter, a very well-known gaming analyst, confirms this information and considers this step by Sony to be the biggest mistake of the company’s gaming division this year.

As far as I know, they do not plan to attend E3 2020. I think this is a huge mistake because, on the one hand, they talk about “customer orientation”, and on the other, they miss the main gaming event of the year. I hope they change their minds, but I’m skeptical. Michael Pakter

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Fan rendezvous

According to observers, Sony Interactive Entertainment will conduct a full-fledged announcement of the PlayStation 5 at a special event, which will be held in February this year.

It is worth adding that Sony missed the E3 2019 last year

Sony PlayStation 5 gets exclusive at launch, but Xbox Series X doesn’t;

Consoles debut for Christmas sales season

The network continues to accumulate information about next-generation game consoles – the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. This time, the Kotaku theme resource shared in the recent Splitscreen podcast for details.

Resource editor Jason Schreier talked about exclusive games for consoles. According to the source, at the time of the start of sales of Sony PlayStation 5, exclusive games will be presented for the console.

At the same time, for the Xbox Series X, exclusives from leading studios are not expected until 2021. As Matt Booty, head of the Microsoft development team at Xbox Game Studios, previously said, games created for the Xbox Series X will also be available for the Xbox One console.

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As we can see, Sony and Microsoft have chosen two fundamentally different approaches to promote future innovations. Sony plans to push for exclusive games, and Microsoft, on the contrary, for compatibility with past generations.

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