Microsoft confirms New IE vulnerability in Window 10

Windows 10: May update comes straight home

According to foreign media reports, fixing ZeroDay’s recently-identified zero-day vulnerability in Internet Explorer may, in fact, lead to other problems with other operating system features, and Microsoft said we will fix it on February 11th. W

Currently, Microsoft provides affected users with a mechanism to protect their devices, and primarily to restrict access to JScript.dll. This reduction will terminate the Windows printing function and cannot be removed.

Restoring the operating system is the only way to perform the normal operating system maintenance. Consumers who visited the Reddit forum to discuss this error found that printers from different brands would not work as a result.

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In fact, it has been officially confirmed that bug fixes can cause this problem. In a preliminary security bulletin, Microsoft warns that some Windows functions may be affected if mitigation measures are implemented, so they recommend only “if there is a high risk”. ۔

Hazardous memory can be damaged such that the attacker can execute arbitrary code in the context of the current user.

In a web-based attack scenario, the attacker could own a well-designed website designed to exploit this threat through Internet Explorer and then convince users to visit the website. For example, by sending an email and visiting a website. Currently, there have been attacks on the Internet against this threat.

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