Google Stadia: New free games for February 2020 leaked

Google Stadia may soon add chat feature

By February, users of the game streaming platform Google Stadia can expect two new free games. As a pro subscriber, next month you will have access to only a temporary special Glit and the leading first-person shooter metro exit.

Just two weeks ago, Google announced that there were released more than 120 games this year. It must now be exclusively available for the young cloud gaming service in the lower half of at least ten years ago.

It is not yet known how long the resident has lived. The Tequila Works title Gylt shows that there are signatures for the months of that date, which is lonely in the hallway after the launch of the stadia on November 19, 2019, and its login is still 29.99 euros.

Google Stadia Game Service Expands

Gilt and Metro Exodus free

It should change in February. Stadia provides Gylt free of charge for its Pro Shoppers, most of whom are still in the free trial phase. In parallel, Stadia Pro players will have access to First Person Shooter Metro Exodus, which was released almost a year ago for platforms such as Windows PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

For the standard edition, 39.99 euros are still left, which will increase the extra price of the Stadia Pro by about 70 to 70 euros next month.

In addition, 9to5Google has reported that two games, Samurai Shodown and Rise of the Tomb Raider, will lose their free pro status in a few days and will no longer be part of paid purchases.

Can the Google Stadia platform withstand the Xbox One X? Tests show that quite

Google Stadia players who have already enabled topics can still access the Games. Free stadia base tariffs, which enable resolution in the game at 1080p resolution. They are also eagerly awaited. The study should also be available on more Android smartphones rather than just Google Pixel models.

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Other planned innovations this year include the 4K UHD gaming option in the Chrome browser. In addition gaming options, modern functions for Google Assistant (voice assistant), and the continued wireless use of the included Stadia Wireless controller.

The google already announced that he will be released over the 120 games this year. Both of the games developed the attention effect on gammers, who they love to play games by the way the new PlayStation5 slogan is, It’s time to play but Google stadia and PlayStation is two different topics. So in this post over focus is to tell about the New free games for February 2020 leaked

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