The Sony PlayStation 5 striking list of exclusives

A well-known insider with the nickname @Tidux posted a post on twitter. In this post, the developers of video games have already received the final version of the PlayStation 5 devkit. Which surpasses the Xbox Series X in key parameters, but not in all.
@Tidux is known for its fairly accurate information about gaming products. He claims that both consoles will get the same CPUs, but the Xbox Series X will have a more powerful graphics processor. The difference will not exceed 1 TFlops.
At the same time, the PlayStation 5 will get more RAM. Which will be faster than the Xbox Series X. In addition, the PlayStation 5 SSD will also be larger and faster than the SSD that the Xbox Series X will receive.

List of upcoming games

The Insider with the @NextGenPlayer nickname posted a list of game projects on Twitter that will be displayed with a full announcement of the PlayStation 5 game console.

It is worth knowing that if this list is truly confirmed. Then there will be an incredibly welcome acquisition for millions of fans of the PlayStation 5 brand from day one.

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So, in addition to continuing Kratos adventures in God of War 2, which has already been reported. We look forward to a new episode of Spider-Man (Spider-Man 2). A colourful project about the dragon Spyro, an updated version of the hardcore role-playing game Demon’s Souls with the prefix Remastered. A continuation of the exclusive for PS4 projects Horizon Zero Dawn and The Order 1886.

PlayStation 5 Games

Shooters fans will be delighted to receive a long-awaited sequel to Killzone, for team sports fans preparing for PlayStation All-Stars 2. A new episode of the Gran Turismo and Baseball Simulator MLB show 21. Finally, Legends is expected to announce a new intellectual property.

The only question is which of these games will be released at the console release this fall.

Source = Twitter

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