Can IBM CEO Resign? Can Indian CEOs respond like Microsoft and Google?

Can IBM CEO Resign

When it comes to IBM, almost everyone will respect the blue giant that has influenced important products and technologies such as computers

  • Personal PCs
  • Silicon-based semiconductors
  • Thinkpad notebooks, etc

But IB M’s performance has been declining in recent years. He was unable to turn the tide for 8 years and eventually handed over the task to Arvind Krishna.

The reason for Luo Ruilan’s retreat is clear from the second line. It is reported that during the leadership of Luo Ruilan’s, IBM’s stock price fell by more than 25%, which is worse than other technology companies.

Can IBM CEO Resign

Microsoft’s stock price has risen more than 500% over the period, while the Nasdaq Composite Index, dominated by technical stocks, has risen by almost 250%. At the same time, IBM’s revenue has dropped by more than 25%.

However, Luo Ruilan’s transition period is about three months. After April 6 She will resign as CEO of IBM. However, she will not leave IBM and will not remain on the board until she retires by the end of the year. However, he also worked for IBM for 40 years. Hero

Arvind Krishna will officially serve as CEO duty after April 6, and he is now Senior Vice President of Cloud Computing and Cognitive Software.

In addition, IBM spent $ 34 billion to acquire Red Hat. And CEO Jim Whitehurst was once considered to be Rowland’s successor. But he was not elected to the board of directors. IBM’s president was also involved in the development and partnership with Krishna in the transformation of this official.

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Who is Elon Krishna?

This name is probably an epilogue to people outside IBM. Compared to Luo Ruilan, he is obviously not very famous. He is 57 years old. The birth country of Arvind Krishna is India. He graduated from the Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur in 1985 with a bachelor’s degree in electrical and electronic engineering. He received his doctorate in computer science in 1990 from Champaign University of Illinois. After that, he joined IBM and no other company. From technical staff to deputy chief executive-level experience, having worked at IBM for 29 years and 2 months, he is also an old IB mother.

He was successful in winning the favour of the Board of Directors, which is inevitable over the past two years. As he led IBM’s $ 34 billion mergers and acquisition of Red Hat. The focus of its work, from startup to acquisition to integration.

In addition, Arvind Krishna has also participated in emerging technologies such as Watson AI artificial intelligence and IBM Q quantum computers due to his long-term technical research and development.

Can IBM lead a bright future led by Elon Krishna?

No conclusions have been made yet but after today. The Krishna is talked about, he also becomes

  • Google CEO Pichai
  • Microsoft CEO Nadella
  • Adobe CEO Narayan

Who is fourth in an American technology company?

The CEO from India will also be formed. The first three took their positions and targeted the company. Came in second. Microsoft and Google’s market value are closer to or above one trillion US dollars.

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