Bill Gates attacks Trump and criticizes freezing of WHO funds

Bill Gates attacks Trump and criticizes freezing of WHO funds

For a long time, the United States has been the country most affected by COVID-19. More than 600,000 infections and 26,000 deaths due to new coronavirus. President Trump is considered the primary person responsible and is accused of a slow response. But he accused the World Health Organization.

Trump started the so-called “blame game” or took it to a new level. Of course, Trump will never admit his negligence and choose the World Health Organization (WHO) as his most important scapegoat. But Trump also took action and froze all payments to WHO until further notice because they allegedly favoured China and misled the United States.

However, this decision was severely criticized all over the world. He saying that withdrawing funds during the pandemic was a fatal mistake that would result in casualties. Politicians and health experts around the world have attacked Trump for this action. On the other hand, Bill Gates has not reserved any criticism.


“As dangerous as it sounds”

Microsoft’s co-founders have repeatedly criticized the US government’s crisis management in the past few weeks. He wrote on Twitter: “Freezing the World Health Organization ’s funds during the health crisis sounds dangerous. Its work is slowing down the rate of proliferation. It was initiated by COVID-19, and if this work stops, no organization can replace it. The world needs the WHO more than ever.

This tweet has also received widespread support and has been tagged more than 160,000 times so far. Trump’s freezing of funds is undoubtedly a political means because he cannot stop his own funds. He can only suspend it for 45 days, he needs the blessings of Congress to stop forever, and it is doubtful whether the House of Representatives ruled by the Democratic Party will allow it to do so.

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Bill Gates thinks the corona response in the US is “badly managed”

Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has spoken regularly. Now, in an interview with CNBC News Channel. He has made it clear how serious he thinks the virus is in the United States.

Bill Gates has been leading the fight for better global healthcare for many years. Disease research is also a part of it you can safely say that computer experts are experts in health policy. In a new interview with CNBC News Channel, he talked about how to deal with the coronavirus in his home country, the United States. He criticized politicians and government authorities for failing to heed early warnings and doing too little to stop the spread of the virus.

Mismanagement everywhere

Like the entire US health policy, the actions of those responsible for the crisis are basically caused by poor management. Gates said that if you wait more than 24 hours for the corona test, it is completely mismanaged. During this period, if the patient and his contact have no results, the virus can spread freely. In addition, many of the tests used today are not suitable: “The best case is that the test is positive before you have symptoms or infection. And then you can take action to no longer infect anyone,” Gates said.

Diagnostic problems

This has nothing to do with reality. There are still too few tests. The results are often unreliable, and research vaccines are rarely done. Gates has pledged to fund this research and has provided billions of dollars for this. Gates said that especially in prevention, you can now do a lot of things by taking quick action. Gates repeated other demands in the media for several weeks. This includes his firm belief that only a complete shutdown in the United States for weeks can significantly reduce disease.

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CNBC ’s full interview with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates on the coronavirus pandemic is now available on YouTube:

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