Warcraft III: Reforged – Before You Play: Everything You Need to Know About the Universe

Warcraft III: Reforged - Before You Play: Everything You Need to Know About the Universe

Warcraft III: Reforged will soon be released. A remake of one of the best strategies of all time. We believe many of you know well who is fighting whom and why people are cutting orcs.

But for those who have forgotten all this, we have shaken off the dust with our announcements and now we will not only tell about the events of the first two parts but also go deeper into the universe’s ENT and explain. Who are Ner’zhul and Mediv, how groups and alliances were formed and what happened to Azeroth

Dark time is coming. Already two wars with orcs, but people are quickly forgetting the lessons of the past. The disturbing news came to me that the defeated Horde was uniting its forces, and the Lordaeron was disbanded. A new, third war will begin soon. Before his flames are completely ignited, I compile this data – so that the events in previous battles are briefly recalled. And before our world is destroyed.

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I will omit much of what I can tell, otherwise, my story will grow into a lengthy treatise. Do not blame me if certain subtleties are left untouched by me – I am only a modest chronicler to whom everything cannot be known. But what should be told should be enough for you to understand the origins of the conflict between orcs and people, as well as the motives of the noble King Terenas and his son, the sun-faced Prince Arthas.

warcraft 3

The fall of titanium sargeras

At the beginning of time, there was an ancient light and a dark Abyss opponent. Their collision created the universe and many other worlds arose – including ours, called Azeroth. The Abyss gave birth to the malicious entities that we are known as the Lord of Abyss, and the terrifying ancient gods, who have been seeking to enslave and inflict slavery all their lives. The Netherlands occupied the space between the universes.

The first bright intellectuals of the universe were powerful titans. God-like creatures who resurrected the lives of those few planets that, for reasons unknown to us, were given to souls. Titans could roam freely around the world, which they did for centuries. They followed the order of the universe and reshaped the land suitable for life so that civilizations could grow on them and grow faster. They searched for their companions who had not yet been awakened by a dream and rode to the ends of the planets to keep an eye on them.

The most skilled warrior among the titans was Sargeras. For thousands of years, he waged war against demons, longing to take over the universe. Many demons were imprisoned by the efforts of Sargeras that he erected for them in the Twisting Nether.

warcraft 3

Alas, in one of the endless battles, Sargeras saw what troubled his mind. In his wanderings, he discovered a world in the centre of which the yet awakened titan slept. But the Lords of the Abyss and the Ancient Gods desecrated the planet and its soul. This titan was destined to wake up not as the keeper of the universe, like Sargeras and his brothers, but as a monster who serves darkness and allows it to absorb all life. Moreover, he would be so strong that no one could stop him.

Sargeras destroyed both the planet

In desperation, Sargeras destroyed both the planet and the dark forces that possess it and the unborn titan. But from now on, fear arose in him that such a thing could happen to other worlds, to any of them. He told the brothers and sisters what he saw, and shared his concerns. Having decided that the victory of the Lords of the Abyss is inevitable, and the desecrated by them is unworthy to exist, Sargeras found only one way out: to destroy all life, until it fell to the forces of darkness. The remaining titans were horrified by this idea, and here their paths diverged.

Saddened that his associates did not share his plan, Sargeras considered himself a devotee. He broke away from his former allies to find new ones. Deciding that in the name of a noble goal all means are good, the titan teamed up with his worst enemies – demons. He freed all the creatures that he had previously captured and offered them a choice: death at his hands – or a war against the whole world under his command. The demons chose the latter. Sargeras called his new army the Burning Legion, and so the fallen titan began his wicked campaign through the universe.

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First war

In our world, meanwhile, more than seven centuries have passed since Sargeras fell at the hands of Aegwynn. We omit what happened in these centuries — this is not so important for our annals — and we will move right away during the first war with the orcs.

Then in the kingdom that is now known as Stormwind, the wise king Adamant Wrynn the Third ruled. The country flourished under him, strife and contention bypassed his domain of ownership.

In his castle stood a clock, presented by the great magician Medivh: he predicted that until the sand runs out in the clock, nothing threatens the rule of Wrynn. Magic grains of sand regularly poured from the upper-division into the lower, but they did not become smaller, and Wrynn and his subjects lived in peace and prosperity for a long time.

However, nothing lasts forever. After years of prosperity, the kingdom seemed to be struck by an unknown ailment. She was exhausted by the diseases of children, destroying the harvest with unusual cold and incinerating heat. One rainy morning, King Wrynn glanced at his watch and saw with horror that the sand in them was rapidly drying up. And as soon as the last grain of sand fell, he heard screams – the royal guard was trying to repel the attack of the terrible monsters previously unseen in Azeroth

WarCraft 3

Wrynn immediately sent his wife and heir, the young prince Llane, to a safe place. The king promised that they would return to their native castle as soon as the orcs were finished. Alas, he did not keep his promise: Wrynn died before he managed to drive the monsters from his lands.

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Second war

Boarding the ships, the inhabitants of the destroyed Stormwind by sea went north. They were sheltered by the kingdom of Lordaeron, where the now-living king Terenas ruled, and elves and dwarves lived in the vicinity of people. However, the orcs were not going to be content with what they had already conquered. Led by a new leader, the formidable Orgrim of the Rockhammer, they followed the fugitives. Understanding that stopping monsters is possible only by uniting, elves, dwarves and people decided to fight shoulder to shoulder.

So the famous Alliance came about, under the banners of which people still fight to this day. Orcs drew ogres, trolls and goblins to their side, forming the Horde. Thus, in the Second War, not two nations fought, but two powerful coalitions, each of which was not going to retreat.

warcraft 3 second war

At first, the Second War seemed to end in the same way as the First. Despite the valor of Alliance warriors, the Horde crowded out opponents. She invaded the elven kingdom of Kael’thalas, recaptured most of the dwarven cloister, Kaz Modan, and advanced to the capital of Lordaeron.

However, the military genius of Lothar and his closest associates, Admiral Daelin Proudmoore and the paladin Uther the Lightbringer, allowed people to throw the orcs back to the south. Lothar himself fell at the hands of Orgrim at the Battle of Black Mountain, but his death only brought people together. Alliance forces defeated the orcs and triumphantly reached the portal between the worlds, from where monsters had once come to Azeroth. The noble wizard Khadgar destroyed the door through which monsters penetrated our lands, and so ended the Second War.

Dark portal

Although Khadgar destroyed the portal, the crack in the fabric of the universe that gaped in its place did not disappear. And even if the Alliance defeated the Horde on Azeroth, the orc forces remaining on Draenor were not ready to surrender so easily.

Ner’zhul, the mentor of Gul’dan, took advantage of this. Refusing to cooperate with the demons, the shaman did not stop cherishing the ambitious plans. Leading the orcs after the death of Gul’dan, Ner’zhul offered them an even bolder plan: to enslave not only Azeroth but many other worlds. To do this, it was only necessary to open portals in them. And Ner’zhul knew how to do this.

Having penetrated Azeroth through the crack between the worlds, Ner’zhul obtained all the artefacts necessary for the ritual. The first was the skull of Gul’dan, with the help of which the shaman managed to open a new reliable portal to Azeroth. Next, Ner’zhul obtained the sceptre of Sargeras. A few more magical items – and the shaman was able to open a network of portals through which the Horde was ready to flood into other planets.

warcraft 3 dark prtal img

Khadgar, the greatest student of the mage Medivh, who treacherously let the orcs into our world, tried to upset his plans. Together with the paladin Turalyon and a small part of the Alliance forces, he went on an expedition to Draenor to prevent future invasions.

Their squad destroyed more than one clan of the enemy. When the daredevils discovered that the orcs were ready to flood many worlds with blood, they tried to get to Ner’zhul. Alas, they did not succeed in stopping the shaman, and the unexpected happened: the ritual got out of control, and the colossal power of the portals began to tear apart the orc planet.

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