A new map will appear soon in PUBG

A new map will appear soon in PUBG

In PUBG’s Imperial War, a new map called “Karakin” will appear soon. A small teaser and a short record appeared on Twitter, confirming that the card will be released soon.

According to the video, these incidents are happening in the Middle East, as evidenced by both the atmosphere and the sound of the siren in the video. It is assumed that the card will replace Weekend Winter in the sixth season (temporarily or permanently) and will be designed for teams of two.

There is no official information about the timing and characteristics of the battlefield, although initial rumours indicate a devastating environment. However, the card will appear on test servers soon, and much more will be known about it.

PUBG developers often ban 100 thousand cheaters per week

The community manager of PUBG Corp, Nickname Hawkins said in his comment on the Reddit website that the developers of the Imperial Battle for Player Un-Battlegrounds still ban 100,000 frauds a week.


As an example, Hawkins cited the week of December 8-14, when 116.5 thousand accounts were forever banned.
Users can still create a new account and buy another copy of the game. To this, the studio’s community manager replies that they also ban players by a unique computer identifier, however, in many cases, such locks are impossible.

Also, developers can not ban players with a long delay (or using a VPN), so as not to block the innocent. For example, in South Africa, there is no local server, so players from this region have to be redirected to European servers with higher latency.

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Finally, Hawkins tried to dispel the myth that the authors of PUBG specifically banned only cheater accounts so that they bought new copies of the game, and the studio thus earned more money.

The community manager recalled that in one match for one cheater there are 99 dissatisfied players who can abandon the royal battle, which, in turn, will violate the studio’s long-term plans.

Source = Twitter

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