Microsoft launches a new process for driver updates on Windows 10

The most important Windows 10 update this year Fix a big wave of errors on the

Microsoft is preparing for the next major Windows 10 update these days. The Microsoft version 2004 will be released in two or three months. However, some of the features created during this update are already being distributed on the server-side. The Microsoft most notably driver revised driver updates.

Experiment on the Microsoft new process update

Microsoft writes in a blog post that most of us know from personal (and sometimes painful) experiences. Driver updates can be complex. This is especially true when it comes to optional updates from different sources. That’s why Microsoft has embraced this topic. Last fall, an experiment was conducted as part of the development of version 2004 (20H1).

As said, you may already enjoy the result, as Windows 10 now receives a revised process regarding driver distribution via Windows Update. Microsoft partners can now choose whether the drivers can be published not only manually, but also automatically.

The possibility of distributing drivers through Windows Update is now available to all Microsoft partners. Previously, this was just a matter of a select few. Manufacturers can now look for similar options in the Hardware Dev Center, where you can determine if an update is classified as hard (CU), dynamic (DU) or manual. However, in the latter case, the manufacturer must provide a reason for explaining this choice.

Microsoft confirms problems and withdraws Windows 10 update

Microsoft Process and rank rollout

In addition, thanks to the revised process, hardware partners can participate in the so-called flight, which is primarily an option to provide drivers within Windows. Finally, it can also be determined that updates are distributed slowly, thus rollouts naturally reduce the risk of incorrect updates.

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Update in 90 seconds. Windows 10X will be able to download and install the update

Updating Windows 10 is an important and required process. But sometimes it takes a long time to update. According to Microsoft, with Windows 10 X, everything will be completely wrong.

The company promises that this version of the operating system will be able to download and install updates in just 90 seconds!. This will be possible due to the architecture of the system when the conditional kernel is separated from the various additional module containers and can be refreshed manually.

In addition, this architecture will improve system stability and security. Although, of course, they all have to be practically tested.

Remember that Windows 10 X focuses on dual-screen devices. For example, this is the version that will re-use the level nine.

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