China approved t wo new coronavirus antibody kits: Zhong Nanshan announces good news!

China approved t wo new coronavirus antibody kits: Zhong Nanshan announces good news!

In the afternoon of February 23, at the first affiliated hospital of Guangzhou Medical University. Zhong Nanshan and Guangdong support Hubei Jingzhou Medical Team. Jingzhou announced first consulted remote designated institutions and much good news.

From the current data, Zhong Nanshan said the outbreak situation in Hubei has started to change. And the absolute number of new cases has decreased. The next big task is to focus on critical patients.

About 2 o’clock yesterday morning, the State Drug Administration approved a number of medicines. One of which is a reagent for the identification of influenza, pyrene influenza and new crown pneumonia, expert educator Zhong revealed.

New coronavirus transmission confirmed in the United States: the hardest to prevent

Education expert Zhong explained. The current epidemic of influenza in the United States covers far more cases than the new crown pneumonia. In fact, China has mixed infections with influenza and new crown pneumonia. Identification of common people, influenza patients and new crown pneumonia patients is essential.

In the meantime, the country also approved two more viable antibody kits. Both of which use colloidal gold, and the LGM antibodies in the body on the seventh day of infection or on the third day after the onset of the disease.

“Can help us isolate ordinary people from sick people quickly.”

According to a further understanding, one of the kits came from Guangzhou Wan Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Detection reagents for new coronavirus antibodies.

Colloidal gold detector reagent is used to detect the quantitative detection of neutron virus IgM / IgG antibodies in human serum, plasma and whole blood samples in vitro. The operation is simple. The results can be translated from the naked eye within 15 minutes. And this can provide a rapid detection method for suspected neutron pneumonia patients.

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In the detection of new coronavirus antibodies, a positive IgM antibody indicates recent infection. And a positive antibody to IgG indicates prolonged infection or previous infection.

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In addition, in collaboration with Tsinghua University and Sichuan University West China Hospital. The “Success Response Virus Nucleic Acid Detection Kit”. It was jointly designed and developed under the guidance of educationist Zhong Nanshan. The nucleic acid detection reagent has been approved by the SFDA for its 22nd emergency medical device.

It is a new microfluidic chip system for detecting multiple respiratory tract viruses, which can detect up to 6 types of common respiratory viruses at the same time in 1.5 hours. It including new coronavirus, influenza A virus, and New H1N1 influenza virus (2009), H3N2 included. Influenza virus, influenza B virus, a respiratory virus.

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