Xiaomi confirms: POCO X2 will be upgraded to Android 11

Xiaomi confirms: POCO X2 will be upgraded to Android 11

The new Android 11 screen is said to improve networks and privacy. Just last week, the first developer preview of Android 11 was officially launched. On February 24, Xiaomi Poco Brand India general manager C Manmohan tweeted that Xiaomi Poco X2 will update Android 11.

Xiaomi confirms: POCO X2 will be upgraded to Android 11

Is the first screen. This time, Android 11 has been enhanced for curved screens.

According to foreign media reports, Google has introduced a new API interface, especially on Android 11. Through this interface application, developers can set interactive mode such as curved screens. Such as waterfall screens to display malfunctions and errors. Waiting for the question.

On Android 11, Google introduced the “bandwidth estimation API”. Android phones can intelligently estimate the uplink/downlink bandwidth of the existing network without having to repeatedly test to obtain data without a phone.

If the phone does not support 5G, then this API can be estimated based on the current API network conditions.

Finally, in terms of privacy, Android 11 has set the “Allow Only” option to allow three types: location, microphone and camera. The sole authorization is valid during the application’s visible activities and preview service. When the conditions are no longer fulfilled, the sole permit obtained by the application will be revoked and a new application will be required.

As usual, more features for Android 11 will be unveiled at the Google I / O conference, and we wait and see.

Now there is no doubt what Poco X2 is

There is no doubt that there will be a copy of the Poco X2 Redmi 30. And there was nothing more like that, but now they are gone. The brand has posted a teaser video on which you can watch different parts of the smartphone.

They show us the device from the back. And so it’s clear that this is Redmi’s 30, and if you take a screenshot and do a little bit of it, the doubts will be gone.

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Good or bad, it’s hard to say. The Pocophone F1 was a completely unique model. For example, the plastic case clearly affected the cost of the device. Here we have 30 of the same Redmi, and the question of price remains. If the Poco X2 is only a copy of Redmi 30 in a number of markets and at the same price, it is unlikely to gain popularity like the Poco F1. Especially if you don’t forget that the Poco X2 won’t be based on a high-end platform.

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