iOS 14 code exposed new features: Reveal 6th Gen Apple Watch

iOS 14 code exposed new features: Reveal 6th Gen Apple Watch

Apple polished for the first time in 6 years.iOS 14 code reveals sixth-generation Apple Watch. Cook mentioned in a previous interview that under his administration the Apple company wants to leave the world with “medical health” wealth. In fact, I think you have a question about this what I want to exactly say. I am talking about the Apple Watch that currently supports the ECG function.

Currently, Foreign media reported about the 6th generation apple watch. According to this report, A pieces of the iOS 14 code indicate that this year’s Apple Watch Series 6 is expected to introduce more powerful ECG functions and detect blood oxygen saturation.

Although Apple Watch S4 and S5 already support the creation of ECG. if the user’s heart rate is too high. It will return unexpected results. With the upgrade to the S6, the ECG detection range can be further expanded.

The so-called blood oxygen saturation is the percentage of haemoglobin that occupies the capacity of haemoglobin and oxygen in the blood. This percentage can be used to reflect people’s breathing and oxygen supply.

Apple Watch currently supports the ECG function

If oxygen content in the blood is low. It is easy to cause symptoms such as fatigue and drowsiness, loss of energy and memory loss. Long-term blood oxygen content will also damage the brain, heart, and other organs. Particularly crowds, high-minded workers, older people, and people in high hypoxic environments should all look for snoring. Blood oxygen is usually normal at 90%. If it’s below 90 below. You need to focus on comfort. Below 80, it will damage organs such as the brain and the heart.

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In fact, the Apple Watch’s generation supports the detection of oxygen saturation in the blood. But Apple is not open. Currently, on the market, the Honor Band 5 and Huawei Watch GT2 both support the blood oxygen saturation detection function.

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