New Coronavirus causes panic in the US! 7 large technology giant issued a joint statement

New Coronavirus causes panic in the US! 7 large technology giant issued a joint statement

Rumours of the new Coronavirus have begun to spread panic among the American people. That’s why, according to local time, on March 16, 7 US technology giants jointly issued a statement announcing that they would unite and fight the rumours of a new coronavirus.

It has been reported that there are seven technology companies:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • LinkedIn
  • Microsoft
  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • YouTube.

He said in a joint statement: “We work together to respond to COVID-19, and we meet millions of people to combat fraud and misinformation about viruses and to increase sexual authority on our platforms.” Helping to keep in touch, sexual content, and harmony updates important governmental agencies around the world. We also invite other companies to join us in joining this community. Keep it healthy and safe. ”

Coronavirus Joint statement

Currently, specific details of the collaboration between the seven companies are temporarily unavailable. Since December last year, rumours about a new Coronavirus have flooded the internet platform, at the same time, pricing fraud and the treatment of fake new coronaviruses have become increasingly apparent.

Earlier, the White House had forced social media to explain the rumours, saying that Trump was considering a blockade in the United States to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus. Other rumours include that the NYU subway will be closed and that it has forged a new counterfeit viral therapy.

Representatives of Silicon Valley companies are said to have met with Trump last week. And representatives from companies like Facebook, IBM, Microsoft, Twitter and Cisco spoke to the government. But all of them Monday night A joint statement was not signed.

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On March 16, US stocks fell. The S&P 500 Index fell sharply by 7% at the start of the market, giving rise to a third breakthrough this month. In the end, the Dow Jones Index dropped 12.93 per cent, and Apple’s market value was up by 150 million iPhones.

That same day, Trump acknowledged the dire consequences of the outbreak at a news conference. Trump also saying that the outbreak may not end until August and that the US economy may recede.

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