Xiaomi promised to make the MIUI shell “the coolest”

Xiaomi promised to make the MIUI shell “the coolest”

Xiaomi is going to convert MIUI from Huawei to the HarmonOS analogue

Xiaomi is one of the few companies to update its shell for smartphones and does not update the old model to the new version of the interface with Rhythm. At yesterday’s event at the Xiaomi Developers Conference 2019, we also talked about MIUI.

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Within 2-3 years, Qiao Zhongliang, deputy head of the MIUI development unit, said that the openings “will become the leader of the best systems in the minds of the intelligent systems industry and consumers.” No problem, no less.

According to the manager, several new features will be implemented at the system level at MIUI, and different IoT device platforms will be developed based on this. Behind the lines of this message is to transform MIUI into a full-fledged operating platform – something like Huawei’s hormones.

Do you think MIUI will be used in Xiaomi’s various devices in a few years? From fitness bracelets to projectors and smart door locks. The first step in expanding MIUI limits has already been taken – the Shell Xiaomi Mi Watch is registered with the SmartWatch.

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