WHO warns of new coronavirus pandemic accelerating

In patients with coronavirus found a common complication

The World Health Organization has warned that pandemic disease is accelerating due to the new coronavirus, with more than 300,000 confirmed cases and infections reported in almost every country in the world. The WHO said it took 67 days to report the first 100,000 cases of new coronavirus pneumonia, but only 11 days in the second 100,000 cases and only four days in the third 100,000 cases.

According to Reuters news agency, WHO warns that the epidemic is on the rise. According to WHO Director-General Tan Desai on Monday, although the first reported case took 67 days in 100,000 cases, the second 100,000 cases only took 11 days, in the third 100,000 cases. It only took four days.

According to Tandersee Tan Desai, at an online press conference attended by more than 300 journalists, “according to Tandersee,” we are not helpless. We can change the pace of this pandemic. “Tandersee calls on governments around the world to adopt their ideas to change their mind. The trajectory of the epidemic has appealed to countries to take defensive and aggressive measures at the same time.

“Demanding people stay at home and another social outrage is an important way to reduce the spread of the virus and gain time, but they are defensive measures,” said Teddies. “To win, A proactive and targeted strategy is needed to attack the virus-detecting every suspected case, isolating and treating every confirmed case, and tracking and isolating every close contact. ”

Tan Desai cited a “worrying report” about a large number of infections among health workers around the world, saying that he would urge leaders of the Group of 20 (G20) this week to increase the production of protective equipment and avoid export bans.

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