Important discovery! New coronavirus transmitted in Italy on January 1

WHO launches international cooperation to response to new coronavirus

So far, more than 330,000 patients are diagnosed with new coronavirus pneumonia worldwide, and in nearly 300,000 patients outside China. The most severe US is more than 67,000 and Italy more than 57,000.

As of 18:00 local time on March 25, Italy confirmed 74,386 new cases of new pneumonia. An increase of 5,210 in 24 hours, and 7,503 deaths.

The new coronavirus spreads to Lombardy on January 1, 2020. According to the latest report by the Italian News Agency, jointly published by 14 Italian research centers and published on the educational paper platform ArXiv. It started, but it was not until February 20 that the first case was confirmed in Italy.

In other words, the coronavirus was slowly spreading to Italy for about two months before being discovered.

In this study, researchers detected 5,830 confirmed cases of Lombardy, developed a series of infections and finally concluded that from January 1 to January 29, Lombardy was infected with New coronavirus Pneumonia, And from January 30 to February 19, that number has been increasing by 60 cases a day, from February 18 to just one.

But on the 20th two days later, the number 1 sick man in Italy was diagnosed.

Researchers have also found that in the early stages of developing a new coronavirus epidemic, an average of 3.1 people will be infected, and after the first case was confirmed on February 20. The virus transmission capacity began to decline. But This is because the infection was already large enough. The prevalence of epidemics is still alarming. The average number of infections doubles every three days.

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However, the assistant director-general of the WHO, Ranieri Guella, believes that in some regions of Italy, the new pandemic disease is approaching the inflation point, and accordingly, the mortality rate will decrease. Prevention and control measures taken 15-20 days ago should affect the show during this time.

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The third group of Chinese anti-epidemiologists arrived at Milan Malpensa Airport at 16:30 local time. Which primarily supported the Tuscany region of Italy.

This expert group was created by the National Health and Fitness Committee. The group was selected by the Fujian Health and Fitness Commission. It has a total of 14 people and its professional fields include cardiovascular, respiratory medicine, infectious diseases, pandemic disorders, respiratory and critical care medicine, infectious disease control, traditional Chinese medicine, Nursing, etc.

The expert group also picked up a troop of military equipment and protective equipment donated by Fujian and other locations, including ventilators, monitors, masks and protective clothing.

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