Wuhan University Experts Find Increasing Causes of New coronavirus Pneumonia Death

Wuhan University Experts Find Increasing Causes of New coronavirus Pneumonia Death

According to foreign media reports, a study published online in the Journal of the American Medical Association March 25. The study reported that heart failure was associated with the hospitalization of new coronavirus pneumonia (COVID-19). Is due to an increase in mortality.

In the study, researchers at People’s Hospital of Wuhan University in China conducted a joint study from January 20, 2020, to February 10, 2020. He investigating the relationship between heart disease and mortality. They analyzed 416 COVID-19 hospitalized patients. ۔

Researchers found that common symptoms in these patients include fever, cough, and shortness of breath (80.3%, 34.6%, and 28.1%, respectively). Of these, 82 patients had a heart attack. These patients were older. He had more companionship and had higher white blood cell count than non-heart attack patients.

In studies, traumatic events and ground glass shadows (64.6% and 4.5%)) are higher for heart injury patients than for patients without heart injury. Patients with heart injury require a higher proportion of Nine Wosk mechanical ventilation (3.9% and 46.3%). The proportion of invasive mechanical ventilation was even higher (4.2% and 22%); more likely to have complications and fatalities. Are high (51.2% and 4.5%).

The researchers said that while the exact mechanism by which COVID-19 increases mortality from heart injury needs further research. The study highlights the need to consider this complexity in the treatment of COVID-19.

Oxford study says half of the UK population has been infected with the new coronavirus

Recently, according to media reports, a new pneumonia pandemic study, led by Oxford University’s Professor Sunetella Gupta. He revealed that the new coronavirus may have affected half the population of the UK

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This study is based on the “susceptible-sensitive model” (SR model) of pneumonia coronavirus pneumonia to analyze confirmed and fatal events in the UK and Italy. The model said the new Coronavirus appeared in the UK only after the middle of January. The first confirmed case in the UK was recorded a month later, namely in late February.

Through a model analysis, researchers found that when the first death occurred in Britain on March 5, thousands of people were infected with the new coronavirus. When the number of primary infections of the virus is R0 = 2.25 (the average number of ROs infected) and R0 = 2.75, by March 19, approximately 36% and 40% of the population has encountered new coronaviruses, respectively.

Using the same model with R0 = 2.25, the time when the virus began to spread was confirmed 4 days before the case was confirmed and 38 days before the death. By March 19, 68% of British people have been infected with the new crown virus.

Using the same model, the time when the virus began to spread in Italy was fixed 10 days before the first case was confirmed and 1 month before the first death was confirmed. It has been shown that by March 6, 45 days after the virus was detected, approximately 60% (R0 = 2.25) and 64 (R0 = 2.75) of Italy had revealed new crown viruses.

When the proportion of high-risk groups is about 0.1%. The virus is likely to spread 17 days before the first confirmed case and 38 days before the first death, and about 80 percent of Italy will be infected by March 6. ۔

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Professor Sonila Gupta said that if this result is confirmed, it means that less than one in 1,000 people with the new coronavirus are ill, and most people have only mild symptoms or no symptoms. do not have. Therefore, he believes that large-scale antibody tests need to be started immediately to confirm whether or not the body has produced antibodies.

If the results of this study are confirmed, it means that for more than two months, the country has achieved significant immunity to flocks through the silent transfer of new coronary pneumonia to the UK. To provide the necessary evidence, the research team at the University of Oxford is currently working closely with research teams at the University of Cambridge and Kent to launch antibody testing for the entire population as soon as possible.

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