Xbox Series X SSD Expansion Card price leaked

Xbox Series X SSD Expansion Card price leaked

At the beginning of Xbox Series X in November, Seagate will provide matching expansion cards for memory upgrades. Now, the first signs of the price of 1 TB PCIe 4.0 SSD speculated on Twitter. Which should be twice the storage capacity of the next-generation console.


The new Xbox Series X is equipped with an internal 1 TB SSD. With the help of Microsoft’s Xbox Velocity architecture, it can almost immediately achieve a transfer rate of 4.8 GB/s and 100 GB of game content. However, the trend of digital games and increasing downloads can ensure that internal memory fills up quickly. Seagate will provide a proprietary memory expansion card for the release of Xbox Series X. The first prize has now been leaked to these people.

Prices of over 200 euros seem realistic and hardly excessive

Currently, images from the Gametop database (via ResetEra) is making the rounds, and the so-called “XBX Seagate 1TB SSD Expansion” is listed for $219.99. After the conversion and taking into account German VAT, the price can be transferred almost one-to-one in Euros. On the recently released Seagate website about Xbox Series X storage expansion, the manufacturer talked about the adapted PCIe Gen4x2 NVMe SSD.  If we compare the price the possible price of 220 euros seems unrealistic. The cheapest solid-state drive in the M.2 format with PCIe 4.0 technology and 1 TB of storage costs at least 170 euros.

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Another comparison: The Seagate Game Drive SSD (1 TB) for Xbox One is externally connected via USB 3.0. It went on sale in 2018 at a price of $300 and now costs only 152 Euros. The transfer rate of a drive is only 540 MB/s.

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Nevertheless, it is still possible to upgrade the SSD of PlayStation 5 (PS5). Which can be recharged with the classic M.2 module, which is more gentle for players’ wallets. However, so far, there is no official information, which is why this leak may also be a placeholder price. Seagate is currently only talking about availability from the end of 2020. Therefore, it is (yet) not sure if the memory expansion card can be used when the Xbox Series X is released.

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  1. The PS5 ssd can not just take any old ssd it has to meet specification and so far we are looking at the 980pro so not sure how you came up with it being more wallet friendly?

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