New coronavirus: China has exported nearly 4 billion masks

Reduces risks: scientists are encouraged to wear masks at home

On Sunday, Chinese authorities said that since the beginning of March, China has sold nearly 4 billion masks to countries endemic to the new coronavirus, and at the same time is concerned about the elimination of concerns about the quality of exported medical equipment.

According to Source, despite the decrease in the number of new infections in China, Beijing continues to urge medical equipment manufacturers to increase production when other countries are facing equipment shortages. A new coronavirus pandemic has killed more than 65,000 people worldwide.

According to the representative of the Main Customs Administration of China, Jin Hai, since March 1, China has exported 3.86 billion masks, 37.5 million protective clothing, 16,000 respirators and 2.84 million new reagents for the detection of coronaviruses in more than 50 countries. The total value of exports reached 10.2 billion yuan (1.33 billion euros).

However, some countries complain about the quality of medical equipment imported from China. The Netherlands announced on March 28 that 600,000 of the 1.3 million masks imported from China were returned because the quality did not meet standards. When worn, the mask could not match the lines of the face, and some filtering devices could not be used normally.

China’s response is that the manufacturer “explicitly stated that (masks) are not intended for surgery.”

Spain also reimbursed at the end of March tens of thousands of defective new reagents for the discovery of the crown sent by an unauthorized Chinese company.

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On Sunday, Chinese officials responded to a report on the quality of medical equipment in China, saying the report “does not reflect all the facts.” Jiang Fan, head of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said: “In fact, there are several factors, such as China’s standards of use and habits, that are different from other countries. Improper use will make people doubt the quality of the product. ”

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The Source emphasized that these remarks echo the comments of Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunin last week. Hua Chunin repeatedly asked the Western media not to “politicize” or “promote” their speech.

Beijing has just tightened export regulations for medical equipment associated with the new coronavirus, requiring products to meet both Chinese standards and those of importing countries.

Zhang Qi, an official in the device surveillance department of the Food and Drug Administration, also said that China has increased the production capacity of new coronavirus detection reagents to more than 4 million copies per day.

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