Trump reapproves WHO to protect China, threatens to suspend funding

Coronavirus destroys the US hardly? Trump temporarily refuses foreign immigrants

US President Trump on Twitter (Tuesday, April 7) criticized the World Health Organization (WHO) for receiving large sums of money from the United States. But speaking as the centre of China, he also said he would suspend WHO funding. Later that day, when the media at the White House anti-epidemic press conference asked whether this really freezes WHO donations. Trump’s attitude seemed to soften and only emphasized that he would study it carefully. WHO has not yet responded to this.

Trump said that the WHO had previously called for continuing to open the border with China. But he was glad that he had not followed up on WHO recommendations. Trump criticized the WHO again and missed the opportunity to remind countries of the epidemic.

France Presse reported that he wrote in his previous tweet: “WHO is really messed up. For some reason, the funds mainly come from the United States but are largely focused on China. We will carefully consider. Fortunately, I Reject their early proposal to open borders with China. Why did they give us the wrong advice? “

An epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia was widespread in China on January 23 and spread abroad. When China ordered Wuhan to close. An emergency meeting held by WHO that night still refused to declare the epidemic a global public health emergency. This move was later criticized by WHO as a deliberate defence of China. And a delay in the best opportunity for an international epidemic.

Later, at an anti-epidemic press conference, when he was asked whether the United States would really suspend WHO funding. Trump said he would first appreciate it, but did not confirm whether he would put these harsh words into practice. According to Trump, the United States has provided the World Health Organization with more than $ 58 million. The United States, in other words, the United States contributions to the World Health Organization “have very strong control.”

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In response to a new coronavirus outbreak of pneumonia in the United States that seems to have risen to the top of the curve. Trump reiterated that he hopes to resume US economic activity as soon as possible. He also stated that he had not seen Navarro’s White House trade adviser in a memo warning of the risk of coronavirus.

Trump told the media that he did not want to talk about it. But the death toll as a result of the US epidemic could be much lower than expected. The White House working group on a new outbreak of coronary pneumonia previously predicted that an outbreak could lead to the deaths of up to 240,000 Americans.

The outside world also noted that at a press conference, Trump said that despite the epidemic’s concerns about medical safety. The Wisconsin Supreme Court allowed state primary elections to be held on Tuesday, as usual. He reiterated his opposition to the postal vote. He indicating that this would lead to the counting of falsified votes.

According to a Reuters report, it is unclear when the United States will resume more normal operations. As the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia continues, most states in the United States are still closed. And the US economy has been hit hard. The number of cases in some states is approaching a possible peak. And the deadline for federal exclusion guidelines issued by the federal government is late April.

Bloomberg cited an unnamed person who said the White House began developing a plan to bring the US economy back to normal. He focusing on screening the new coronavirus pneumonia virus as widely as possible, starting in smaller cities where the epidemic is calm. Everyday life

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A source told Bloomberg that the White House hopes to resume economic activity within 30 days. And also expects the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other government experts in public health to oppose it and worry about a new wave of outbreaks.

According to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, as of 7th, more than 1.41 million cases of pneumonia were diagnosed in Wuhan and 81,259 people died. Among them, the number of diagnoses in the United States is the highest in the world: more than 380,000 cases and 12,229 deaths. In addition, on the 7th, more than 1,700 deaths were recorded in the United States, the largest number of deaths in one day after the outbreak.

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