Crytek is working on Crysis Remastered: Crysis Remastered leaked

Crytek is working on Crysis Remastered

On the official website of Crysis, the artwork and some details of the Crysis Remastered project appeared. This is an updated version of the original work released in 2007.

According to the company’s own decision, the updated game will receive improved graphics. The updated game also receive high-resolution new textures and support for ray tracing. The game will appear on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch.

The hardware killer is back! Official site hid “Crysis: Remastered Edition”: easy additional support

Crysis, which has been submerged for more than three years, has been releasing continuously several days ago, hinting at a restart of Crysis.

Now the suspicion can basically end, players accidentally discovered that “Crysis: Remastered Edition” unexpectedly appeared on the official website of Crytek.

The screenshot shows that the “Remastered Edition” will be available for the Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch.

Crytek is working on Crysis Remastered

A remake is still based on the proprietary Cryengine (screaming engine) Crytek, providing new visual features, high-quality textures and support for ray tracing.

Since the Xbox Series X and PS5 are not mentioned, it seems that the “Remastered Edition” will be released in the third quarter.

The Crysis trilogy was synonymous with the hardware/graphics killer, with its amazing image quality and particle effects, and made the screaming engine famous. Although for many years I have been a little weaker than the illusions of Epic, the base is still there. After joining this race, this time the updated version may become killers of new generation graphics cards.

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