New Coronavirus: US Pentagon Lord Accuses Beijing of hiding Information

Nobel Prize Winner claim that new coronavirus made by Chinese research institute

New Coronavirus: US Pentagon Lord Accuses Beijing of hiding Information. US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper accused China of lacking transparency regarding the new coronavirus for more than four months after the new coronavirus appeared in Wuhan at the end of December last year.

The Pentagon owner of the US Department of Defense said on Wednesday in an interview with Fox Television: “Clearly, China could be more transparent and provide more data.” “Even today, we are still watching. Until they hide information.”

Esper believes: “If the DNA (of the new coronavirus) is transmitted to American experts earlier. The United States will be able to better understand how to respond to the outbreak.”

He said: “If the situation returns to normal or almost normal. We must cooperate,” and noted that “all countries of the world are working together. All countries try to understand this virus and control it.” For what we need, from China. ”

The source indicated that the new coronavirus has infected more than 2 million people worldwide. More than 127,000 people are died due to this coronavirus. The United States paid a high price: according to United States statistics, more than 610,000 infections have been reported, and the death toll is about 26,000.

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