Windows 10 crashes frequently after crashing after the most stable version update:

Microsoft confirmed Windows 10 20H2 is ready for commercial testing

This Monday, the latest Microsoft update KB4549951 for Windows 10 was criticized by many users. It was criticized due to issues such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and the blue screen of death after the update.

According to foreign media reports, like a service pack for Windows 10 1903 and 1909. The users initially reported that they encountered an error and could not install. Then other users began to complain about the blue screen of death, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, system performance and other annoying problems that alarmed Microsoft.

In the end, the version with the largest market share is, of course, Windows 10 Version 1903. The market share of this version is still maintained at more than 50%, so the problem with updating is also great.

Microsoft is aware of this and is exploring Bluetooth, the blue screen, and related issues related to KB4549951.

It’s just that we have not yet accumulated enough telemetry data, customer support and feedback. So we urge everyone to actively send error reports through the feedback centre so that they can initiate subsequent investigations.

I really can’t wait for the fix to fix it, or if the updated error showed me that it is not working properly. It is recommended to temporarily remove update KB4549951.

Windows 10: April patch causes a scary blue screen of death

Unfortunately, errors in Windows 10 are not uncommon, but basically they are not serious. But there are errors that lead to crashes and the “blue screen of death” (BSOD). And it is currently not uncommon with the update number KB4549951.

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Microsoft released update KB4549951 a week ago. This should actually fix the problem where the updates for the Windows 10 releases of 1903 and 1909 failed. But, unfortunately, there was a classic case of improvement in the worst, possibly worse.

Already last weekend there were reports of the first problems. A reported including crashes, connection problems with WLAN, as well as Bluetooth and poor system performance. Unfortunately, this is not all. Because, according to Windows Latest, some users are currently experiencing system crashes and freezes after installing KB4549951. Which are reflected in the Blue Screen of Death.

Unfortunately, this BSOD is also quite common. If you get such a blue crash screen. You can see various stop error codes. However, they are complex and do not seem to follow a specific model. The following error codes are reported:

  • Portcls.sys

This can happen, among other things, with damaged installation files, drivers, and compatibility issues with third-party software. So there is no obvious source of the error. Microsoft does not currently fix the problem or issues. In this case, victims should remove the cumulative update for April. However, in this case, they are no longer protected by the latest security updates. If you can no longer access the desktop, you must start the computer in safe mode.

Windows 10 KB4549951 falls victim to yet another major failure

Some users report errors (Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)) after installing Windows 10 update KB4549951, which is a cumulative update that also results in data loss for a group of users.

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On April 14, Microsoft began deploying Windows 10 KB4549951 for versions 1909 and 1903. This patch was supposed to contain a number of security fixes, as well as being a minor release with a focus fully related to security. But KB4549951 leads to a terrible blue screen of death and a system crash.

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