Biography Apple iPhone 12 Pro final design is determined

Biography Apple iPhone 12 Pro final design is determined

If a recent report in the Wall Street Journal is credible, Apple ’s iPhone 12 launch has almost been delayed. Allegedly, mass production has been pushed back a month. Although the confirmed release date is still unknown. It is reported that the design of Apple’s iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has been finalized. The recent rendering of the iPhone 12 Pro allows us to see an amazing new look. Now it seems certain that this is indeed the final iPhone 12 Pro design by Apple.

This rendering was published by graphic designer Jonas Dehnert. His rendering is by far the most realistic. He also insists on producing his iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro renderings from reliable sources. Much reliable news can be traced back to Apple analyst Guo Mingji last year.

Iphone 12 live photos2

He first revealed that Apple ’s new iPhone 12 series will use the flat metal frame of iPhone 5, and the bangs on the display are expected to be smaller than those on iPhone 11. iPhone 12 is said to be The camera array on the Pro model will add a LIDAR sensor, and Jonas Daehnert will render this rumour in his latest renderings.

In addition, a developer who was exposed to the iOS 14 code last month exposed one of the iPhone 12 images, which was a huge leak, but it was noticed at the time that this may be just a potential iPhone 12 design, which has not yet been finalized, But according to reliable sources, the final design has been finalized.

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