Break rumors! Apple CEO Cook talk about iPhone 12

iPhone 12 box embedded rendering exposure: Omit Earpods & Charger

In today’s financial report, Apple CEO Cook told analysts that despite the global outbreak. Apple’s new product development is still in order.

Cook noted that you see, we just released the iPhone SE, iPad Pro with a new keyboard and MacBook Air. In 2020 we will have the best product portfolio in history.

When it comes to working from home, Cook believes that everyone at Apple is already used to this approach. Regarding home office performance, Cook said some aspects improved and some decreased. This is a balanced question, depending on your role.

Cook also emphasized that Apple will continue to conduct in-depth research in healthcare and other areas to serve more people. He previously left a message that the most valuable wealth that Apple has left for this generation is health and safety.

It’s obvious that judging by Cook’s speech, the development of the iPhone 12 series, the new iPad, iMac and other products are rumoured to be very smooth. Although more than one authoritative report showed that the mass production of the iPhone 12 was delayed by at least one month. compared to previous years.

It is reported that data just published by Apple for the second fiscal quarter of the fiscal year 2020. (The first quarter of the calendar) show that net profit fell by 3%, revenue in Greater China fell by 7%. The revenue from the iPhone fell by 6.7% in year on year. The iPad sales revenue fell from 10.3% year on year.

iPhone 12S exposure: Apple innovation is bolder!

Earlier today, foreign media reported that Apple is preparing a new iPhone 12S. Which will scurry around about the interface, is likely to remove the lightning interface.

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The latest news mentions that Apple will add a new type of smart interface to the new iPhone next year. Apple may abandon the Lightning interface currently used on all iPhone models.

Prior to this, the famous teacher-analyst Guo once said that Apple is working on at least one new iPhone model without an interface at all.

As you can see from the above picture, which he provided at the time. His source said that this phone will be presented in 2021. That is, Apple will release the iPhone 12S series in 2021. The smart connector seems to provide users with a Power Connection and data to reach iPhone without ports.

Some analysts believe that Apple has restarted AirPower in preparation for the next iPhone change. Which will cancel all interfaces, including the charging interface

If the non-porous iPhone is a trend of Apple products. Then AirPower is an inevitable product of Apple, these two products seem to complement each other.

iPhone 12 Pro Max exposure detail: 3 cameras + radar / ultra-thin frame, available in October.Despite the fact that the release of the new iPhone SE caused a wave in the market, for the vast majority of iPhone users who plan to replace with new ones. It focuses on the first iPhone 5G released this fall. PA foreign media today summarized some of the details of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This detail is including appearance, design and release time.

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