Google Stadia may soon add new chat feature

Google Stadia may soon add chat feature

Google would like to expand the Stadia games streaming platform soon with a new feature. The new chat feature must be integrated into the service so that players can communicate with each other. At the same time, Google is again trying to install its own messenger.

Over the years, Google has been notorious for constantly creating and killing messaging applications. Of course, this is also largely due to the posting of messages in applications that may or may not be useful, such as YouTube. Now, Google is preparing to put messaging into another app, Stadia.

When you play Google Stadia, you can communicate with friends in only two ways. Through the built-in voice chat in the game or through your own Stadia voice system. If you just want to send a simple message to your friends, then you need to contact them through another application.

Simple messaging has become a core part of the gaming platform for over a decade. In many ways, it’s surprising that Stadia doesn’t have such a minimal messaging feature, Now it seems that this situation may have to change.

This week, the Stadia version 2.16 appeared on the Play Store. In the application code, we found many links to messages and chat.

There is quite a lot of new content that mentions “chat,” “conversation,” sending “direct messages,” and other features, all of which are keywords that appear during the development process, and all of them strongly point to Stadia for a complete messaging In the application

Some keywords include:

  • Message logging panel title
  • SMS chat
  • Get chat history in bulk
  • Chat message
  • ChatMessagesModel
  • Session view model
  • Create a chat message
  • DirectChatMessageList
  • DirectMessageLastReadTimestamps
  • Enable TextChatFlag
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We also discovered a new privacy setting – a new privacy setting was added in the previous version. But it has not yet provided, clearly revealing the ability of people to send you “chat messages”.

Although the idea of ​​“another Google messaging app” is enough to get some people to talk. But to be honest, Stadia is the best candidate for messaging apps, that let players stay connected without relying entirely on voice chat.

Given that many or even most Stadia players have already installed this application on their mobile phones. It makes sense to launch the Stadia messaging feature here. However, this feature seems to be at an early stage of development. So we do not expect the Stadia chat feature to be available any time soon.

Classic chat and private

In addition to the classic chat, in which several users of the gaming platform can participate, there should also be the ability to send private messages. Two privacy settings indicate that the user can determine which contacts are allowed to write messages. Although the general chat feature can be used to exchange information with other players in multiplayer games. A private message is mainly suitable for communicating with friends.

Previous messengers could not prevail

It remains to be seen whether the messenger built into Stadia will ultimately win. Perhaps many players continue to use external services. Such as Discord or Skype, for communication. In the past, Google has tried several times to launch its own chat services. The two Hangouts & Allo messaging apps could not compete with WhatsApp or other competitors.

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