Microsoft has confirmed Windows 10X should start on “normal” PCs first

Windows Latest reported that Microsoft has now confirmed that the Windows 10 modular version.(Windows 10X) will eventually be applied to conventional single-screen notebook computers

The pandemic delayed the launch of Surface Neo and other dual-screen PC devices. The dual-screen Windows 10 device will obviously not be available in 2020. And Microsoft said it has found a “new home” for Windows 10X.

“Now give preference to developing Windows 10X for traditional clamshells and 2-in-1.” Panos Panay, director of Microsoft Windows and Surface. He explained that reasoning and transformation are a way to meet customer needs.

Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 10X will initially be launched for use on single-screen devices. Initially, the new version of the operating system was originally intended for use on devices with two displays.

As the head of the Microsoft Windows group Panos Panay explained in a new blog entry, contrary to the initial planning. Windows 10X will initially be available for laptops, PCs and 2-in-1 systems with one display. This is obviously a reaction to a situation that has changed as a result of the spread of the new coronavirus virus around the world.

According to Panay, the world was “a completely different place compared to last October.” When Microsoft unveiled its “vision of a new category of Windows devices with two screens.” With Windows 10X, which was designed to provide flexibility from the start. You can switch to devices and use the “power of the cloud” to offer customers the opportunity to work. You can learn and play “in a new way,” Microsoft’s manager continues.

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The schedule remains open

When the first products based on Windows 10X should come on the market, Panay initially left open. This applies both to the first models announced by him with only one display.  That is, normal notebooks, tablets and 2-in-1s – as well as to the devices equipped with two screens. Such as the Microsoft Surface Neo.

For the time being, the situation will continue to be monitored. In order to then decide when the right time has come to introduce the first new PC-like devices with two displays. According to Panay, this applies not only to Microsoft itself but also to the important hardware partners from the PC market.

Microsoft justifies the step as mentioned with the spread of the coronavirus. The pandemic is said to have increased the time users spend with their PCs and laptops by around 75 per cent year-on-year. The reason for this is that more people are working from home and are using a Windows PC instead of a smartphone or tablet.

Windows 10X stands out from the “normal” Windows 10 primarily through a further reduced user interface. In which Microsoft wants to introduce, among other things, a greatly simplified start menu. In addition, there are various changed design details. Which should make the operating system better for fast multitasking and easy handling of the necessary settings.

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