Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds officially launched with Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

Microsoft's Surface Earbuds have finally officially launched

Microsoft now wants to compete with its AirPods Pro rivals in audio technology. The new Surface earbuds are officially released today and can now be pre-ordered in Germany.

Apple’s AirPods have achieved great success, and for a long time, no one has been able to provide comparable products. Microsoft thinks it can do this and now wants to prove it with new earplugs. After all, other Surface devices have managed to make the development of his Windows 10 platform somewhat dull.

Redmond also strives to provide status symbols that are immediately recognizable. Although Apple’s Truly wireless earbuds can be clearly identified, so are Surface products. The heart of the audio playback is close to the ear, and the outside is a disc with a sensor for touch operation.

Microsoft's Surface Earbuds officially launched with Bluetooth 4.2 standard.
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Microsoft’s  include Noise reduction (ANC) in Earbuds

Each earbud measures 25 x 19.9 mm and weighs only 7.2 grams. Light grey glaciers are the only colours available. In addition to small speakers, there are two microphones in each plug to ensure that users can also make clear voice input and filter out environmental noise. According to the IPX4 standard, the device has a waterproof function.

Surface earbuds also come with a protective case, where the extra battery ensures that the headset can be directly charged when not in use. After ten minutes, it should be able to play for an hour. In this way, the user should be independent of the power supply in one day. You can then plug the USB-C cable into the case itself for charging.

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Microsoft's Surface Earbuds officially launched with Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

The earbuds work based on the Bluetooth 4.2 standard. The newer version 5.0 may only appear on possible subsequent devices. Using the so-called “quick pairing” function, it should be possible to establish a quick connection with other devices in the Surface series. And coupling with Android smartphones and iPhones should also be easy. Then, in conjunction with the Office application, users can read e-mail aloud without having to use a smartphone. Dictation is also possible.

microsoft launch new earbuds

Microsoft also introduced a new premium headphone

Microsoft has launched the second generation of advanced headphones. Surface Headphones 2 should have customizable active noise reduction and longer battery life. The price of wireless earmuffs is 280 Euros.

Omnisonic speakers are built into Surface Headphones 2. According to Microsoft, It should ensure first-class sound. Active noise reduction (ANC) contains 13 different levels. This allows the user to control which background noise should still be heard. Once it is confirmed that the user has removed the headphone. The Surface headphone 2 will automatically pause the music or video player. It can be connected via Bluetooth, jack connection and USB-C.

Microsoft also introduced a new premium headphone

In addition to the power and mute buttons and volume selection buttons, the Surface Headphone 2 is also equipped with a surface regulator for adjusting noise suppression. In addition, there are touch controls on both sides of the headphone. Which can be used to skip songs and answer calls. For example. When used in conjunction with a Windows 10 PC. The headphone can be connected via Swift Pair. When using Office, you can also specify a text.

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