IPhone 12 on live video raises questions

IPhone 12 on live video raises questions

The video below allegedly showcases the new iPhone 12 smartphone, which has just been pulled out of retail packaging. However, there are suspicions that in the video we may be shown another smartphone, which is simply passed off as the iPhone 12.

According to one version, it could be a modified iPhone 11 Pro with modified sides. At the beginning of the year, it was reported that craftsmen were making such modifications. As a reminder, the iPhone 12 should pay homage to the classic iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 models, which had a similar body. The iPhone 11 smartphones have rounded sides.

The iPhone 11 Pro is prompted by the same camera as Apple’s current flagship smartphone. Also, the smartphone in the video received the same large notch at the top of the screen and frankly large bezels on all sides of the display, although sources claim that the bezels should be reduced.

However, it is possible that previous renders and rumors were inaccurate, and the iPhone 12 will look exactly as shown in the video. It is also worth noting that there is no FCC label on the back of the device. This is typical for test models.

The alleged prototype of an Apple iPhone 12 can be seen in the hands-on video.

Sparrow’s News is often a fairly reliable source when it comes to leaks on unannounced smartphones. The YouTube channel has now shared a hands-on video that is said to already show an Apple iPhone 12, probably the Pro version. The authenticity is currently impossible to verify, but in any case, the video gives a new insight into the design, which rumors and leaks suggest.

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Probably the biggest change is the flat frame, which is strongly reminiscent of that of the iPhone 4, the volume buttons and the silent switch on the left, however, have only changed insignificantly, as has the lock button on the right. Even the camera layout corresponds to that of the iPhone 11 Pro ( approx. 959 euros on Amazon ), which contradicts some leaks who also expected a LiDAR scanner, as you can already see from the current iPad Pro ( approx. 869 euros on Amazon ) know.

It is also interesting that the packaging can be seen in the background, which does not look quite as slim as expected – whether this is an indication that Apple is still delivering a power supply unit, at least in selected models? The device from the video could just as well be a copy from China – you will probably only know exactly when the next-generation iPhone is finally officially presented in September or October.

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