Shipping of Surface earbuds is delayed because there is no delivery yet

Shipping of Surface earbuds is delayed because there is no delivery yet

Surface earbuds should actually be available from today. They were first announced last year, and the start signal was officially released last week. Now they should go to the first batch of customers, but this obviously does not work.

In Microsoft’s first true wireless headset, the movement is already a secondary tradition. Surface earbuds have moved several times because after the Microsoft developers were not completely satisfied initially. The original design had to be improved. In theory, the surface earplugs available today are actually Generation 1.1.

At the Surface event last week, Microsoft actually announced that the delivery of Surface Earbuds will begin today. Some people also pre-ordered equipment for 219.99 euros, hoping to hold them in their hands this week.

Microsoft's Surface Earbuds officially launched with Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

“Indefinite time” can also be over quickly

But obviously there will be no result: because as Martin “Dr. Windows” Geuß wrote in his blog, the transportation was delayed. Since the delivery obviously did not arrive in time at the responsible logistics center, the scheduled copy has not yet been sent. Industry insiders believe that demand exceeds expectations, so Microsoft must send more Surface Earbuds to the world than it produces.

It is not clear how long to wait, we are talking about “infinite time”. For people who have already placed an order, this only means that they have to wait for delivery, which may happen quickly in some cases.

If you did not press the order button immediately but are interested in headphones, you may need to wait longer. Because you are currently reading “Out of Stock” in the Microsoft Store, you are worried that the change will take a while.

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Technical data for the Surface Earbuds

driver 13.6 mm speaker with 2 microphones on each side
battery pack Up to 24 h playback with charging case (up to 8 h without case)
input Touch, language
Weight 7.2 grams, loading case 40 grams
Compatible with Windows 10 , Android from 4.4, iOS from iOS9, Bluetooth 4.1 / 4.2

Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds officially launched with Bluetooth 4.2 standard.

Microsoft now wants to compete with its AirPods Pro rivals in audio technology. The new Surface earbuds are officially released today and can now be pre-ordered in Germany.

Apple’s AirPods have achieved great success, and for a long time, no one has been able to provide comparable products. Microsoft thinks it can do this and now wants to prove it with new earplugs. After all, other Surface devices have managed to make the development of his Windows 10 platform somewhat dull.

Redmond also strives to provide status symbols that are immediately recognizable. Although Apple’s Truly wireless earbuds can be clearly identified, so are Surface products. The heart of the audio playback is close to the ear, and the outside is a disc with a sensor for touch operation.

Microsoft's Surface Earbuds officially launched with Bluetooth 4.2 standard.
image credit winfuture

Microsoft’s  include Noise reduction (ANC) in Earbuds

Each earbud measures 25 x 19.9 mm and weighs only 7.2 grams. Light grey glaciers are the only colors available. In addition to small speakers, there are two microphones in each plug to ensure that users can also make clear voice input and filter out environmental noise. According to the IPX4 standard, the device has a waterproof function.

Surface earbuds also come with a protective case, where the extra battery ensures that the headset can be directly charged when not in use. After ten minutes, it should be able to play for an hour. In this way, the user should be independent of the power supply in one day. You can then plug the USB-C cable into the case itself for charging.

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