Why Apple will abandon Intel processors

Why Apple will abandon Intel processors

Apple plans to use its own chips in Mac laptops and give up devices that have been working with Intel for 15 years. Due to the prevalence of coronaviruses, new processors are expected to be introduced at the WWDC conference held online.

According to Bloomberg, Apple intends to announce the use of its own processor in Mac laptops instead of Intel chips. According to the publication, this will take place during the WWDC annual meeting on June 22, which will be held online due to COVID-19.

Rumors that Apple will switch to its processor have been circulating in the media for several years. But Bloomberg claims that the time has come-the the first Mac operating system based on the ARM architecture should come out in 2021.

At the same time, “Apple” is developing at least three processors for Mac, this is a modified version of the A14 chip. The processor will appear in the iPhone 12 series.

According to reports, the reason for rejecting Intel’s products is that its performance has decreased relative to Apple’s own processors. If Apple chips are more efficient than Intel devices. It may result in thinner and lighter Mac models.

It is worth noting that when Apple last announced the change of processor manufacturer at the 2005 developer conference. Steve Jobs said that the company gave up the PowerPC chip and turned to support Intel. Devices based on these processors will be available next year.

Jobs continued: “We believe Intel technology will help us create the best personal computers in the next decade.”

The Apple co-founder has actually predicted the future version of the company’s own chip, making only five years of mistakes.

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If Apple still gave up the Intel processor, and Intel took a long time to prepare for it. Then this will have a positive impact on the company’s release. First of all, Cuppertinians do not have to wait until Intel releases a new generation of chips-they will control production time on their own.

In addition, in the face of HP, Dell, Samsung, Microsoft, and other companies. Each of which uses Intel processors, Apple will differentiate its chips from its competitors.

If the performance of the new chip exceeds that of Intel. Then this will help Apple attract some consumers by providing Apple with more powerful devices.

At the same time, the company has potential and all resources-just look at the chips used in its iPhone and iPad.

It is also worth noting that Apple is gradually shifting to component production within its ecosystem and has abandoned its partners. Last year, the company acquired Intel’s 5G modem division to give up Qualcomm modems in the future.

The analyst then concluded that the transaction will have a beneficial impact on Apple’s business because its own modem will enable Apple to provide powerful hardware and software synchronization. In addition, the development of autonomous chips will become one of the key areas of the company’s 5G strategy.

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